A new photo editing app for photo fans!

Photo editing is fun and provides an opportunity for photographers to showcase their creativity. There are so many photo editing tools in the market today but most of them may not provide the users with all the necessary tools they need to explore their creativity.
A new photo editing app called Matter by Pixite has hit the market with a bang! It comes with almost everything that you need to edit your photos. For those who are obsessed with manipulation of photos for whatever reason, this is the app for you.

Before you share your photos on platforms like Instagram, you can add that touch that you feel will make then appealing to your friends.

Matter mot only hide those features that you don’t like or make you appear as if you have slimmed won in the photo but it also adds character and element of fun to your pictures.

So you need not worry about those ugly elements in you photos or the ugly environment that you took the photo.

Matter will add 3D objects to your photos to make them look wannabeish and tacky. Your pictures will have a feel of that Sci-Fi movie’s poster or book cover. And the 3D objects will blend in with the background captured to make them look more realistic.

It will not be easy for those who look at your photos to know that the objects have been added as they will perfectly fit into your pictures.

You need to see this to believe it just like those who go to watch 3D movies do. See your creation breath and come to life with the 3D effect. See them flutter, hover and pulse with life on your phone’s screen. It is a very interesting experience that you can not afford to miss.

You may be wondering whether the added objects will look natural. Pixite has taken care of this. It will be upon you to decide the translucency or transparency and position of your objects. You will also be able to decide the objects’ refraction and reflection. The object will merge with your pictures and look as realistic as possible.

And with Matter you will have so many options. It comes with 64 objects, 63 color swatches to pick from and 11 styles. What can limit you here is your creativity. With Matter you can do almost anything that you can imagine.
By the time you exhaust all these options, Pixite shall have updated the app. This means the app is for today and the future.

Furthermore, Matter is not limited to sharing still pictures only; you can share live pictures as well. The ones where objects are moving can be Instagramed and shared to other social networks.

Matter comes with photo editing tools such as Fragment, Tangent, and many more. He tools are easy to use and the interface is quite use-friendly.

If adding 3D objects to your photos is something you have been dreaming about, Matter has come with the right tool for you.

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