Incredible Key Features Of Galaxy Note 8 Which Makes It A Worth Buy

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Last Updated: Sep 27, 2017

A lot of Samsung followers defected to iPhone a year ago while the apparently ideal Galaxy Note 7 began blowing up literally.

However, Samsung is back again and prepared to succeed them more than with the latest Galaxy Note 8. The greatest issue encircling the gadget is in case the new phone is persuasive sufficient for making you dump the iPhone.

It is a question which you can definitely answer; however, there is a certainly sufficient drool-worthy function in Note 8 for tempting many people.

We are not intending to run via almost all the features of Note 8 in this particular post, however, if you are curious in that sort of thing, then you may go through the hands-on stories or even view the video for many of the intimate information.

At this moment, we are going to pay attention to almost all the causes simply you ought to focus on the Note 8 – even though you have an iPhone.

Considerably Better Double Cameras

Better Double Cameras

iPhone 7 Plus was not the very first phone to incorporate dual cameras (which was HTC long ago came with One M8); however, it popularized the particular hardware setup along with the Portrait mode, a capturing setting which blurs the background out and imitates the expert look from the DSLR camera.

Note 8 also offers a set of 12-MP cameras on its back – 2 times telephoto and 1 wide angle – however, they both arrive with the optical photo stabilization (iPhone 7 Plus just offers stabilization for non-telephoto lenses) to fight shaky hands at 10 times digital zoom.

Live Focus setting is basically identical to the Portrait mode just with one huge difference: You can easily adjust the depth of background blur utilizing a slider in the real-time or even right after you have taken the perfect shot.

One other way, Note 8’s double cameras are much better: This may take both the picture at just 2x zoom along with a normal wide-angle image and a blurred background.

A Wonderful Display

A Wonderful Display

Flagship phones of Samsung arrive with the top class display, and 6.3″ display (Super AMOLED) of Note 8 is not different. It is bright extremely; the blacks tend to be super dark and also colors are saturated and nice to ensure that they truly pop.

However, what makes the display really better compared to the iPhone’s is actually that it is High Dynamic Range (HDR) ready.

The HDR content appears much more engrossing with the whiter whites, deeper blacks, wider dynamic range, and higher contrast. To put this simply: almost everything appears more vibrant.

There Is A Stylus

There Is A Stylus

There is a stylus. However, styluses are very hot again. Exactly why else might Apple Pencil really exist if Samsung and Microsoft were wrong regarding styluses this entire time?

Note 8’s offers the exact same nice S Pen from Note 7. This pops out simply with the click, works 4,096 pressure levels, and also the 0.7-mm tip enables a few unbelievably perfect doodling.

Additionally, it works underwater, as well. In addition, S Pen facilitates complete phrase translations if it is utilized to select the text.

It Has Fast Wi-Fi Charging

Fast Wi-Fi Charging

Rumors have it that the latest iPhone of this year will certainly arrive with built/in wireless charging. However big whoop! Also, Samsung has already been doing the wireless charging consistently, and it is essentially perfected this on Note 8.

When compared with some other Smartphone with the wireless charging feature, Samsung’s are only the ones which are as quick to “charge wirelessly” as with the cable connection.

Along with quick wireless charging, Note 8 can easily charge from 0 – 49% in just half an hour.

There Is Expandable Storage Space

Expandable Storage Space

Like the wireless charging, smart phones of Samsung have had the expandable storage space for a long time. Note 8 arrives with 64GB storage; however, you can simply increase that up to 320GB using a 256 micro SD card.

A good thing regarding a memory card port is that the microSD cards tend to be cheap and you are not necessarily pushed to pay for a boatload far more for storage space in advance, particularly if you will not need this.

Nevertheless, it certainly is great to get much more storage since we’ve shooting much more high-resolution pictures and 4K videos.

This Probably Will Not Explode

Will Not Explode

Not to mention, things would have been already so different in case “Note 7” never exploded. Samsung guaranteed to create phones with the more secure batteries, and obviously, it did.

Galaxy S8+ and S8 come with unique batteries which are subjected to an 8-points battery security inspection.

A few testers have attempted puncturing the battery of S8 just to find that it does not catch fire. That is the great news, simply because the battery of Note 8 (and almost all the upcoming Samsung Smartphone batteries, for the matter) should pass the similar demanding safety check.

To put it differently, Note 8 should not explode that is excellent because you will not have to be worried about sleeping and this burning the house down.

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The reasons mentioned above are enough to help you consider Galaxy Note 8 even if you have an iPhone. Galaxy Note 8 is going to leading the marketplace extremely with its excellent features.

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