Rumor Has It That iPhone 8 to Avoid Samsung Galaxy S8’s Flaw

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Last Updated: Jun 9, 2017

Apple vs. Samsung; a clash of the titans – that is how we could describe the rivalry between two powerful manufacturers. Both brands continually change the way we perceive and use tech devices, primarily smartphones, and it comes as no surprise why their devices are constantly compared to one another. In fact, a new release from one brand is considered as the response to the rival’s model. So, after Samsung announced Galaxy S8, rumors started circulating about Apple’s response. According to some reports, iPhone 8 will avoid Samsung Galaxy S8’s major flaw.

What Flaw Are We Talking About?

Samsung Galaxy S8 is an incredibly polished phone, it’s designed is impeccable. The stunning phone features the clearest and the sharpest screen which offers a lovely color reproduction. The screen is larger than in iPhone 7 and judging by its appearance, it is the best phone currently available on the market. With a desire to beat Apple to the place of the most popular phone manufacturer, Samsung overlooked some things.

The phone features a fingerprint scanner which is nothing unusual. A lot of smartphones nowadays come with this interesting option. However, since the device comes with infinity screen that spreads from top to bottom of your phone and the home button had to be tucked under the display, the fingerprint scanner was moved to the back of the phone.

Okay, this is not something unusual either. If you browse for Android phones on the market nowadays, you will see that a lot of them have a fingerprint scanner on the rear side. But, here is the surprising part – while most phones have scanners underneath the camera, Samsung Galaxy S8 placed it right next to the lens. This makes it very awkward to use the feature. In fact, to most people, the impractical placement of the scanner is a major issue. Needless to mention that some users complained it didn’t work at all.
What Flaw Are We Talking About?

According to the latest reports, iPhone 8 will successfully avoid this major flaw. The Chinese-language Economy Daily News (EDN) was the first to report that Apple successfully solved the biggest challenge associated with its latest model. Speaking to sources from Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the EDN found that redesigned OLED iPhone lacks home button due to Apple’s use of optical fingerprint sensor to enable authentication directly on the screen.

Relief for Apple Fans

After the news broke out about the awful placement of fingerprint sensor on Samsung phone, there were some rumors that Apple will do the same. Of course, fans weren’t thrilled with this, but if these reports turn out to be true, new iPhone won’t have the same problem that Galaxy S8 users deal with.

Apple has been looking for different ways to integrate fingerprint sensors directly into the screen since 2015. However, the tech giant struggled to find an adequate solution to overcome the production challenges and provide the ease of use.

The report also claims that iPhone 8 will come with invisible infrared image sensors that will amplify the functionality and efficacy of the high-pixel camera. This new feature will enable augmented reality functions too.

Despite the news showed up that Apple will delay the launch of iPhone 8 due to the difficulty to integrate fingerprint sensor, the EDN’s sources debunked those claims and confirmed the reveal of the new model will be held according to the schedule.

In addition to the display-mounted Touch ID, the screen ratio on the new iPhone model will change from 16:9 on iPhone 7 to 18:5:9, just like Samsung Galaxy S8. The iPhone 8 may come without a physical home button, but it if these reports turn out to be true, it will have a major advantage over Samsung’s device.

News And Rumors About Iphone 8

News And Rumors About Iphone 8
We are used to a multitude of rumors surrounding Apple’s devices before they actually unveil them. That happens every time, there are a lot of speculations, some groundless and others not. Of course, we will have to wait for the big day to come in order to see if any of these are true, but here are the most important news and rumors about the newest Apple’s model:

  • The phone should be unveiled in late October
  • iPhone 8 will come with a curved AMOLED display
  • No bezel and no home button
  • The iPhone 8 design will be, according to reports, a curved glass back rather than aluminum
  • There will be a few changes with the camera including a vertically-oriented dual-camera lens, augmented reality features, 3D cameras
  • Apple users can finally expect to have a device with wireless charging
  • iPhone 8 is also expected to charge fast and come with two batteries
  • Tenth anniversary iPhone will come with an iris scanner, new sensing technology, a smart connector

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Samsung succeeded in the intention to create a smartphone with a breathtaking, phenomenal design and a large screen with vivid colors and crystal-clear picture. One major flaw with Galaxy S8 model is the fact that fingerprinting sensors were placed right next to the camera and, thereby, difficult to use. Apple fans feared the new iPhone will have the same issue, but the latest reports show users will be able to use fingerprinting sensor directly on the screen. We can also expect many new features and bigger dimensions.

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