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Last Updated: Mar 6, 2017

The smartphone technology continues to grow and advance with every passing moment. Each smartphone that is launched is expected to have the latest advanced technologies and innovations that are unthought-of resulting in highly priced phones. To ease on the customers pocket depth, other phones with similar improved technologies but offered at a budget price appear in the market. The Moto G5 is one of the most sought after budget smartphones that are currently in the market. New generations of the smartphone have been unveiled; the Moto G5 and the Moto G5 Plus and are set to be available for sale by mid-March this year. Here is all the information you may want in regards to this new budget smartphones.


These smartphones have set precedence in regards to their prices that often moderated. This makes the prices to be unique and customer friendly on every angle. This is evidenced by the fact that most of these smartphones that have been launched in the past have never gone above the 200 pounds in price. Even the most recent of the smartphones with the best available technology out there average at around 150-170 pounds. However, the prices depending on where the smartphone will be sold i.e. in the US, in Europe etc. the prices are bound to change.

Moto G5

In the UK, the Moto G5 will be selling at 169 pounds for a 2GB RAM, and 179 pounds for a 3GB RAM. In Europe, it will cost 199 pounds for the 2GB RAM with 16GB storage space. In the US, the Moto G5 Plus with a 3GB RAM and a 32GB storage space will be selling at 229 dollars and in Europe at 279 pounds, while in the UK it will be selling at 259 pounds.

Features/ Specifications


In the past, the Moto G had bold and superfluous colors. These have been moderated to only two colors i.e. gray and gold. The colors are designed to bring out an air of superiority, quality and are also associated with expensive phones.


The Moto G5 Plus has 5.2 inches screen and has a similar camera as that of the Samsung’s S7. In addition, the smartphone shoots a 4K video and is of higher grade compared to the Moto G5 1080p. However, the Moto G5 has 5.0 inches with a gorilla glass screen and its camera has a higher count in relation to the number of pixels or has a higher resolution power. In addition, the two are both splash proof ensuring that they are not damaged if exposed momentarily to splash water.


The smartphones have dual SIM capabilities but as usual, it is known that the models to be sold in the UK will be single SIM. In addition, they will not have NFC capability but the two models do have a headphone jack measuring 3.5mm. The Moto G5 comes in 16 or 32GB storage space while the Moto G5 Plus comes in 32 or 64GB storage space. Both supports a microSD of around 128GB storage space.

moto g5 vs g5 plus


The smartphones run on the same software platform; Android 7.0 Nougat. In both, the fingerprint is designed to be used as the home button, which can also be used to navigate the smartphone or android platform. In addition, experience the latest artificial intelligence with Google Assistant for all the help you need.

General Design

The smartphone’s general design hasn’t changed in significant proportions. However, they do include a fingerprint scanner previously exclusive to the previously launched smartphone i.e. the Moto G4 Plus. Now, it has been integrated into the Moto G5. The smartphones have also changed the frames to metal.


The Moto G5 smartphone have removable batteries while the Moto G5 Plus model has a larger battery capacity.

Where the Confusion Comes in Relation to the Moto G Smartphones?

Since these smartphones were first launched and unveiled for the public to purchase, there have been around eight releases each following the other. It is difficult to keep track especially if the launches do not present significant changes in the new models launched. This started in 2013 with the launch of the Moto G XT1032, followed by the Moto G XT1039 both of which had the same features. The only difference was the release in May 2014 had microSD support.

September of the same year 2014, Moto G XT1068 was launched, and in 2015 March, the Moto G XT1072 followed by the third generation of the Moto G in July with Moto G XT1541. In 2016, the Moto G4, G4 Plus, and the G4 Play were unveiled and significant changes came along with the launch of the Moto G5 and the G5 Plus.


The Moto G5 and the G5 Plus offers the best technological features at a moderated price for the smartphones. If still on a budget in regards to your electronics, then it is about time you got yourself a Moto G5 or a G5 Plus. These smartphones function like any other and offer you the same services but at a friendly price. Be sure to get one of these or risk losing the experience associated with using a budget smartphone.

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