Some of The Most Awesome Free iPhone Apps

These are some of the most interesting iPhone apps that you should not miss out on.

The WhitePages App
Whitepages app is more efficient than most directories on the internet. It is an amusingly convenient way of finding business and home numbers. You can also carry out a reverse phone number searchwhereby you have a phone number that you would like to know owner.
You can also easily add new listing to your phonebook or simply add them to existing contacts. WhitePages also give you the option of maps and directions where you get to know the individuals work or home location. The application uses GPS for location purposes.

Pandora Radio App
The upgraded Pandora app works perfectly with the new multitasking iPhone. It gives you the option of background music, which allows you to do other things while listening to your music.
It creates a personalized radio station with varieties that center on the style you choose when you type in the title of a favorite song or artist. By tapping QuickMix the app will play musical selections across all your radio stations. You can build a new station based on your favorite musician, song title or the song composer.

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) App
If you would like to know almost anything about any movie or TV show this is the ideal app for you. The IMDb appwill provide you with all the information you would like to know about any particular movie. Be it the whole cast, crew, critics, review, trivia, and more.
In addition, it will also give you the names of the movies playing in theaters close to you. If need to the show times, show on TV tonight, DVD and Blu-ray release date the IMDb app willprovide you with all this. You will get to know U.S box office results and many more other thing just from you iPhone.

The Shazam app
There is a time when you hear a song playing and you immediately love the song, but the problem is that you don’t really know the artists’ name or the songs’ title.
The Shazam app is here to help you out in such situations. If you hear a song that you love playing on the radio, television, store or at the club, just take out your phone and launch Shazam and point your iPhone’s microphone in the direction of the music source. In a few seconds, you will receive the song title and the name of the artist on your phone.

TheRedLaser App
Have you ever gone shopping and wondered whether you scored a decent deal or maybe the deal wasn’t fair? Worry no more, RedLaser app has come to your rescue. Just launch out the RedLaser app, scan the barcode that is on the product and search.
RedLaser will search for online and local retailers, for the prices of that particular product. If the product you were to buy doesn’t have a barcode you can manually input a product search using your keyboard. This app also provide top deals of the day for all your searches and also provides you with nutritional facts when you scan a food item.

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