9/11 Movie (2017) Starring Charlie Sheen Is Ready To Hit Theatres

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Last Updated: Sep 6, 2017

The movie, just named 9/11, files the day when Twin Towers dropped with Sheen simply playing a caught businessman, however followers have seen the movie trailer and also are recommending the film seems as if an excessively unsympathetic and dramatic portrayal of the occasions of that particular fateful day.

This film has additionally confronted criticism just for being low-budget seemingly and using the real life footages of the heartbreaking day for the dramatic effects.

Additionally, Whoopi Goldberg stars by playing an armed security CCTV monitoring in North Tower in which Jeffrey Cage the financier personality of Sheen was caught the day when Twin Towers fell.

The movie trailer additionally includes slow motion photos of Sheen while floating in the elevator since this plummets from top of the twin tower in inferno.

Not to mention, 9/11 is particularly directed by Guigui, he is a famous Grammy-nominated film director and music producer. His earlier work consists of “Forth-coming Bachelorette Weekend” and “My X-Girlfriend’s Reception.”

At the same time, followers have been sharing their rage on Twitter regarding the absence of tact in the film.

911 movie

At one stage, a strange slow motion sequence seemingly sees Sheen floating while the lift plummets to the ground.

Publishing on Twitter right after the movie trailer had been published, one user published: “I watched the trailer of the movie named 9/11 featuring Charlie Sheen, not to mention, and it is manipulative and awful and also makes me crazy at everyone engaged.”

Another stated: “Making the 9/11 film in 2017 already is bad enough, however, casting Whoopi Goldberg and Charlie Sheen is much like requesting to be ridiculed at.”

On the other hand, One YouTuber included: “The cast of this move makes me think that this is simply another film attempting to cash in particularly on a heartbreaking event.”

9/11 movie trailer, a fictional tale regarding a team of individuals stranded in the elevator of World Trade Center throughout the September 11 assaults, starring Gina Gershon, Whoopi Goldberg, and Charlie Sheen, has arrived.

Also, n the brief preview, Charlie Sheen, wearing a tie and suit, gets into an elevator in a tower alongside Luis Guzman and Gershon.

911 movie clip

When doors close, the text arises asking on screen, “Where were you” just before moving to the befuddled Goldberg in the control room, also counting the lights of a big circuit board well before her.

On the other hand, underscored through the dramatic orchestral setup, footages from the new coverage of 2001 assaults is actually interspersed with moments of Sheen and the company caught in an elevator of North Tower. Sheen and Gershon talk to their younger son through mobile phone as Goldberg describes to a team of fire fighters that elevators are straight down.

“I want you to attempt and also get the hell from there soon,” Goldberg informs Sheen’s team through the intercom.

Also as the movie trailer comes to an end, Guzman, company, and Sheen lie on the ground of elevator car. “They say it is not the drop which murders you,” Charlie Sheen told Guzman.
911 theatrical_trailer

Guzman asks “What is this then,” just before the cable retaining the vehicle snaps and then the group plummets the shaft down.

The film was co-produced by Thunder Studios with Sunset Pictures, Vitamin A Films, and Sprockefeller Pictures.

Warren Ostergard, Dahlia Waingort, and Martin Sprock created the pic when the manager of Sheen Mark Burg executive created alongside Ryan Johnson and Rodric David of Thunder Studios.

The movie has arrived under additional scrutiny because of its poorly-timed starting weekend, Sep 8 that is just days prior to the anniversary of terrorist assault which influenced the movie, on 11th September.

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This movie trailer is going to make the history. 9/11 movie trailer already has earned enormous popularity. I wish you watch this.

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