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In almost every summer there is a release of different horror films that do well at the box office despite of how well they are received critically. However, a nod from critics is what differentiates the success of a box office from what can stand out in a genre that is so held up with tame efforts to scare audiences.

Annabelle: Creation is one horror that has surprisingly received undivided praise from critics, the prelude to 2014 horror spin-off Annabelle which followed the frightening doll performed in 2013 hit the conjuring. Actually, the praise is to an extent that Annabelle: creation holds a score of 100% at Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie is directed by David F. Sandberg. He enjoyed sleeper hit success with Lights Out horror in 2016 starring Mario Bello and Teresa Palmer. Annabelle: Creation stars Talitha Bateman, Sigman, Miranda Otto, and Anthony LaPaglia.

The Content Of The Film

A heartbroken dollmaker Anthony LaPaglia and his wife Mirando, who is bedridden invite into their home six vulnerable orphans. How could they know that their daughter who is dead had no intention of sharing her toys? And would it be an issue for these guests to keep out of the old room of Annabelle?

Certainly, a locked door is the invitation that the orphans require to go exploring. The girls keep going to the room where there are demons that awaits them. While the doll cannot do much but to turn its head and turn up where it is not wanted, the puppet master of the demons has apparently powers that are unlimited.

Undoubtedly alert that he has been stuck with a lazy script (‘Annabelle’ writer Dauberman), yet eager to benefit from the momentum of Lights Out, talented Swedish director Sandberg seems to use this project as a practice. He tries almost every trick in that book, and never repeats the same trick twice. This means it is almost impossible to understand the rules that govern the behavior of Annabelle. It is just better to accept that we have come to be astonished and allow Sandberg to do his thing.

The Content Of The Film

The site itself evokes Andrew Wyeth’s iconic painting of Christina’s World, which shows a young woman who is crippled lying in a field, while her back faces the viewer and a farmhouse which is two-story come out in the distance. Although the precise image never shows up, thanks to fundamental contributions from the production designer Maxime Alexandre and Jennifer Spence who delivers chills in broad daylight. The same regretful feeling appears to possess the film, whose polio-stricken central character, Janice (Talitha-fittingly tough), spends the afternoons to watch other girls have fun. While stuck upstairs helplessly, she has nothing to do but to investigate the room that is forbidden, as she unleashes the dormant demons.

At a certain point, while visiting Annabelle’s Victoria chamber for what seems like an umpteenth time, Janice comes face to face with what appears to be the dead girl. A ghostly stranger asks for help from Janice. She asks which kind of help the creature needs. It replies that it needs the soul of Janice. The creature proceeds to chase the handicapped girl all over the house. Janice decides to use an old-fashioned chair lift, and she struggles with control as an ambiguous, shadowy occurrence closes in on her.

Shockingly, Annabelle’s demon manages to kill two people only (The demon could have killed the whole cast since none of them is required in the next films). If Sanberg could be slightly less horrible about it, the movie could have landed a lenient PG-13 rating-which appears to be a good fit for a movie whereby the majority of characters are minors. With the R rating, Sandberg appears to be promising that other than being adopted the orphans will be in a little while joining their parents, when actually, Lights Out was even a scarier film. This is because of the comprehensible logic he created about a ghost that occupied the darkness.

Content Of The Film

Here, once again Sandberg manipulates suspense, composition, and lighting, flaming blasts such that we are continually looking for shadows for tip-offs of movement, as we draw out acts of maximum tension. He is fond of making an out-of-focus move in the background and even instructs his performers to either whisper or speak their dialogue softly such that we lean in to get their words, making ourselves more susceptible to whatever could jump out of the frame. At some points, the score drops completely silent, as for others, it gives the jolt required to make the audiences jump.

Although the movie opens with Mullins assembling the demon-looking doll in a workshop, the word ‘creation’ in its title raises images of the OLD Testament, a blasphemy Wan and company amenably welcome, once more fighting the hellish evil against the comparatively inexperienced faith of its characters. In the beginning, we learn that Annabelle was killed as she goes home from church, and later, a Mexican nun-Sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) gives a religious advice that has no effect on such a powerful demon. In one weird gag, Charlotte shares a photo of her days in the nunnery depicting a ghostly presence that can only be seen when the image positioned at a right angle. This is a set-up for the next movie in the series, The Nun, in 2018.


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The film was to be released on May 19, 2017, but it was pushed to August 11, 2017, to avoid competition with the film Alien: Covenant.

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