Classic Summer Films For Ultimate Summer Fashion Inspirations

Summer’s almost over but it doesn’t mean`your love for it should end too. That’s why it’s ideal to rekindle the burning passion you have for summer by watching summer films that will inspire you to further enhance your fashion style, maybe not for this year, but surely the next. The editors from Vogue has made a list of their favorite summer movies where they get hot-weather fashion inspiration.

1. Film: Day for Night. Fashion Icon: Jacqueline Bisset. For Vogue’s creative digital director, Bisset’slouche bourgeois style in this movie is the ultimate summer look. It inspired the editor to wear dirty white jeans and loose men’s shirt to channel Bisset. You can buy the bamboo spiral Yves Saint Laurent earrings and the cropped Pierre Balmain jean at for $330 and $375 respectively, and the geo tile-print Biba blouse at for $117.01-editors-movie-style-most-wanted_110823189836.jpg_halfpage_sligeshow

2. Film: The Talented Mr. Ripley. Fashion Icon: Gwyneth Paltrow. Nothing says summer fashion better than printed dresses. This is according to Vogue’s accessories director. If you would like to catch up with summer in the shores of Italy, she definitely must be your inspiration. Pair it up with low heels to keep it simple and classic. You can buy the printed cotton poplin Dolce & Gabbana dress at for $1,625. Pair it up with a linen slingback Manolo Blahnik Justaretta sandals that you can buy from for only $855. And don’t forget the woven Dolce & Gabbana tote that can be yours at $2,295, which you can buy at 02-editors-movie-style-most-wanted_110824414327.jpg_halfpage_sligeshow

3. Film: The Thomas Crown Affair. Fashion Icon: Faye Dunaway. According to Vogue’s market director, Dunaway’s look in this movie is simple, yet elegant and chic. It’s a simple summer dressing that can be pulled off by anyone who prefers to keep it casual and relaxed. To pull the look, buy a wide-leg sailor Ralph Lauren pant for $390 at it with a slouchy crochet-knit linen-blend Elizabeth and James tank for only $265 at For $590, you can buy a hologram studded-ban Lanvin espradille at Lastly, compelte the look with Toteme Montauk shirt for only $260 at

4. Film: Bonjour Tristesse. Fashion Icon: Jean Seberg. According to Vogue’s beauty director, the look that Sebert pulled off in this film is the perfect summer look. It involved an ensemble of one-piece swimsuits and tied denim shirts over it, a summer dress, flats and low heels, and Breton shirts. Buy this midi Thierry Colson Mimi skirt for $445 at Add a denim Nic + Zoe tie teeshirt for $98 at for the capri one peice swimsuit, buy the Araks brand for only $350 at Finally, buy a leather pointed Chloe flat for $495 at 05-editors-movie-style-most-wanted_11082636576.jpg_halfpage_sligeshow

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