Durban International Film Festival Movies To See

This year’s Durban International Film Festival has a heap of must-see movies including crime thrillers from Kenya, romantic comedies from Ghana, and a documentary about the great Nelson Mandela. The festival was held from July 17 to 21.

  1. Veve. This Kenyan crime feature film stars Lizz Njagah and is directed by Simon Mukali. This is a crime drama about a narcotic cop and the crime underworld of Kenya.


  1. Difret. This feature film by Zeresenay Behane Mehari with Angelina Jolie as the executive producer is a true story about the harsh reality women are facing in Ethiopia.


  1. The Two of Us. Set in South Africa, this film by first time filmmaker Ernest Nkosi is about sibling relationship with themes that would certainly appeal to the international audience.


  1. Living Funeral. This Nigerian short by Udoka Oyeka is a riveting story about facing death. It is a story of a woman who has breast cancer and her amazing way dealing with it.


  1. Wegkruipertjie. This short film from South Africa directed by Chatre Chafford is an incredible stop-motion animation about a girl struggling to cope with the death of her mother as she slowly drifts into an imaginary world.


  1. Black Mamba:The Kiss of Death. This Wild Talk Africa show explores the world of the most poisonous reptiles in Africa. This 50-minute docu is directed by Kira Ivanoff.


  1. Lady Baboon. Another Wild Talk Africa show about an elderly woman who lives with baboons, 500 of them. This film is directed by Adrian Cale.


  1. Miners Shot Down. This South African film directed by Rehad Desai is a brave documentary that looks deeper into the August 2012 Marikana miners’ strike. Police gunned down 30 employees during that protest.


  1. A Snake Gives Birth to a Snake. Directed by Michael Lessac, this documentary is about the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” which was created after the Apartheid.


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