Expat Movies: Best and Worst In History

relax_after_moveFrom Panama hats and linen suit dressed men in exotic bars, expat movies are amazing. But sometimes, these movies manage to get into so much trouble.

Let’s examine the best and worst expat movies in history:

Five Best Expat Movies

5. The Wages of Fear. This 1953 black and white French film is about the dangers of expat truck drivers risking their lives in the dangerous South American jungles. They die over worthless reason, and not a single soul care.


4. Straw Dogs. This 1971 Sam Peckinpah film is about a repressed American mathematician who relocated to the Cornish village where his wife is.


3. The Third Man. This 1949 film is a film by Orson Welles with a classic story of an expat who schemes his way through racketeering in certain foreign countries.


2. The Year of Living Dangerously. This 1982 anti-expat classic is based on the Sukarno-era Indonesia with themes of poverty, chaos and oppression.


1. Casablanca. This 1942 film is about crooked cops and Nazis in North Africa with themes of double-dealing as well as heartbreak.


Five Worst Expat Movies

5. The Beach. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this 2000 movie about a guy who embarks on a journey to a paradise, which later on turned into a place of jealousy, violence, and even death.


4. Under the Tuscan Sun. An American writer buys a villa in Tuscany, as she repairs it, she also restores herself.


3. Eat Pray Love. Another American writer goes on a trip to Italy too, but this time she didn’t buy a villa. She learned about Italian food in Italy, she explored spirituality in India, and she found love in Bali.


2. Mr. Baseball. This 1992 film is about an aging baseball star sent to Japan and faces culture shock.


1. Farewell to the King. In World War II, Learoyd, played by Nick Nolte, winds up with a tribe in Borneo.


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