Jordan Peele About to Turn Social Demons to Horror Movie Series

Movies are taking in a new light and new talents are being discovered as time passes. Just the other day, all that people could think of was how to make others laugh. Today, people think of how to get others engaged, interested, intrigued and above all scared out of their wits. Scary or horror movies have penetrated into the market and movie makers, designers and or writers are moving towards changing their plays to accommodate horror movies. The most recent discovery and or move are as evidenced by Jordan Keel who is a comedy specialist and expert.

Jordan Peele

Jordan is well known and popular around the world especially in reference to his work. He is famous for his comedies and comedy work especially in regards to the Comedy Central program or show named Key & Peele. The show as indicated is a comedy where Peele and his colleague Keegan Michael who plays Key in the Comedy. In addition, Jordan has also been seen in other scenes and the “Keanu’ is one of the movies where comedy has been seen. However, he is said to change and to come up and design one of the scariest movies this year. Furthermore, it is said to be an avenue he is willing to pursue in the long term.

Get Out

Movie Get Out The movie ‘Get Out’ is the premiere of many other movies to be directed by Jordan Peele. In this, he demonstrates not only his ability to direct and conjure scary sceneries, but his ability to scare us to death with a single movie. In the movie, a young man black in race travels to visit his girlfriend’s family who are white. Upon his arrival, he finds himself in one of the worst conditions. According to the movie trailer, this is a massive understatement when the situation he finds himself is described as worst condition. So, let’s not spoil the fun by giving away all the juicy facts about this specific horror movie.

The ‘Get Out’ Movie Storyline

According to the trailer, a unique plot has been generated in reference to the factual and misdemeanors in reference to individual races. It aims at exploring all the ugly and the fearful things in regards to people’s attitudes reflected on the daily practices of people around the world. All these are brought forth a bone chilling movie, with some of this attitude indicating the ugliest scariest areas of all. It is a movie that you surely should not miss.

Long Term Plan

Long Term Plan Jordan Peele who was into comedies may have been naturally expected to pursue the same avenue. However, with the release of the ‘Get Out’ horror movie, he has indicated that he intends to remain in the same field. As a matter of fact, he said that the ‘Get Out’ movie is just one from a list of series that he is working on. All of which are said to be designed using the social demons that people experience and face on a daily basis as inspiration. He puts it as an examination and a direct way to discover and explore more in reference to social demons.


He says that he is looking forward to his future in the horror movies business. In fact, he revealed on Insider that he had a list of four horror movies to be released in the course of the coming ten years from now. The horror movies are to be described as social thrillers due to their base of plot, script and storyline. Jordan indicates that these demons result from us people indicating that we are the worst of all monsters that roam the earth. He says this in regards to our capabilities, mental capacity and resources that a human being has at his disposal. To make matters worse or better depending on how you see it, these parameters are expanded further when people work as a team.

Social Demons

According to Jordan, these are human monsters that are seen in our interactions, logical lines of thinking and are deeply woven into the fabric of our souls such that it cannot be removed or eliminated. It includes reactions, pattern of obtaining solutions, what scares or excites us most and each one of these demons is going to be based in one of his social thrillers. If the coming movies will be anything similar to the ‘Get Out’ trailer, then it is bound to attract as many horror and thriller movie lovers.


In the ‘Get Out’, Jordan does quite a commendable directorial movie and this keeps us on our toes and quite scared. This is a major debut into the industry, which leaves me thinking of what is to come. Though, they can be scary and create fear in us, the thrillers are unexpected to hit the top of the charts especially if they take on a similar path as the ‘Get Out’ and I am looking forward to seeing these movies. I don’t know about you but personally, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us when the others similar to ‘Get Out’ are released.