Movies Biggest Lies Most Of Us Still Believe

“Movies are my biggest education,” there are people who say this. Movies do have a lot of lessons that you can use in real life. However, there are also a lot of lessons you get from movies that are actually blatant lies.

Here are some of the biggest lies in movies:

  1. Sharks attack people, even in the beaches. No they don’t, and “Jaws” depicted sharks in a wrong light.Jaws 3 Watching
  2. You are entitled to one phone call when you get arrested. No you are not, you can get an attorney for that phone call though.r-COP-PHONE-CALL-large570
  3. Lemmings fell off cliffs and die as they follow each other. Disney faked this in their 1958 “White Wilderness” show.r-LEMMINGS1-large570
  4. Quicksand will swallow you. This only happens in Indiana Jones and not in real life.indiana jones quicksand
  5. Kilts are part of the old Scotland tradition. Kilts are not as old as you think. r-SCOT-KILT-large570
  6. Igloos are the main houses of Eskimos. These are just temporary structures for the Inuit.igloo
  7. Small holes can cause airplanes to plummet down from the atmosphere. Small holes cause not much effect on the plane.goldfinger-death-scene-james-bond.png
  8. The skin can suffocate if all of it is covered by certain substances like gold. This is a lie depicted in James Bond Goldfinger.goldfinger1


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