Obvious Similarities Between Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight

Thanks to Twilight, a lot of women want romantic vampires for a partner. Now, with Fifty Shades of Grey, they have set their eyes on a different kind of love story.

Stephenie Meyer vs. E.L. James

Stephenie Meyer vs. E.L. James

But is Fifty Shades of Grey that different from Twilight?

Now that Fifty Shades’ film adaptation is about to be shown on the big screen just like Twilight, it would be great to get a deeper look at these two love stories and find out some of their blaring similarities.

  1. Too much slow motion. These movies would probably last for only 30 minutes if it weren’t for the overused super slow motion.

    Kristen Stewart as Bella vs. Dakota Johnson as Anastasia

    Kristen Stewart as Bella vs. Dakota Johnson as Anastasia

  2. A girl with self-esteem issues who love to narrate her story. Nothing would be left for your imagination or interpretation because a girl with low self-esteem will mostly narrate everything.
  3. A super hot man who does not like his personal life examined. If you meet a guy like this, he is either a vampire or he is into S&M.
  4. “I’m addicted to you” Cliché. Edward said “you are like a drug to me,” while Christian Grey would say “I’m incapable of leaving you alone.”
  5. Extremely dangerous date activities. Just like how Edward and Bella leaped through the trees, Christian and Anastasia went for a daredevil plane ride.
  6. He is unlike any other man cliché. Christian’s “My tastes are very singular” is Edward’s “My family is very different.”

    Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen vs. James Dornan as Christian Grey

    Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen vs. James Dornan as Christian Grey

  7. Girl wants to know how different the man really is. The leading lady would go the extra mile just to find out how different that man is.
  8. Most of the cast is extra pale. The Pacific Northwest requires really white actors, just like how pale the people are in the new Alice in Wonderland movies.
  9. No acting necessary. Since the lead characters are gorgeous, no acting is actually necessary. They can just stand around and stare at each other to express their love.
  10. Mood music. Beyonce’s new rendition of her Crazy in Love is definitely helpful in building the mood for Fifty Shades of Grey, just like how Twilight utilized mood-building soundtracks.

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