Top Oncoming Horror Movies That Promise To Make You Jump Off Your Seat

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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2016

Horror movies keep being launched promising us the most shivering emotions. Hey, and that´s we aim for, feeling the adrenaline of realistic fear! So, horror fans, this time, you should better get ready to experience your deepest fears, letting yourselves jumping off you comfortable seats. Let´s take a look at the scary films that promise not to let us fall as asleep for quite some time…unless you are willing to have nightmares too!

Patient Zero: A U.K. Film Of A Desperate Search For A Cure To Save Humankind

This British production is being released in Greece and Thailand in September 2016, while American horror fans will have to wait until next year to experience the thrill. Patient Zero is the only hope for the survival of humankind after a widespread pandemic has turned almost all human beings into terribly violent creatures with a high level of intelligence. However, Morgan (Matt Smith) got bitten, but he didn´t acquire the devastating virus. Besides being asymptomatic, Morgan gained the ability to communicate with the infected, all of whom have become a sort of adrenaline-empowered creatures. There are still a few survivors who will begin a thrilling desperate search for Morgan, humankind´s only hope.

Country: U.K.
Filming Locations: Shepperton Studios, Surrey, England


Jack Goes Home: Trying to help his mother, he gets to unveil terrible secrets

This one is going to be launched on October 14th. It tells the story of Jack who after losing his father in a car crash decides to go back home to Colorado to help his mother recover from the injuries that she got from the accident. But what should be a simple reunion between mother and son after a terrible loss, turns out to become a thrilling experience in which Jack uncovers the deepest secrets and lies that had been buried since a long time ago. Jack Goes Home to help his mother, but he gets to discover unthinkable secrets he would have never guess about his family, his parents, and even about his real identity. Written and directed by Thomas Dekker, this horror movie claims to provide us with the most chilling moments.

Country: USA
Filming Locations: New York, USA

Fear Inc: Beware Of Games!

Fear Inc. is to be released the 21st October. This move follows the company of a bunch of insane individuals willing to be hired to make your scariest fears come true. The tempting proposal attracted s few courageous ones. But shortly after the game begins, horror junkie Joe Foster and his crew face the need to determine if the company is there just to give them the scariest situations, or if they are actually making them become part of a sick game in which they other nothing but simple pawns to play with.

Country: USA


Rings: A Terrifying Curse Threatens A Young Woman´s Life

Rings will be released on the 28th October. It tells the story of Julia, a young woman whose life is threatened to be terminated in just seven days as a result of a horribly powerful curse. Being terribly worried about Holt (Vincent D´Onofrio), her boyfriend, who is determined to explore an old urban legend that tells about a dark and mysterious videotape that is said to terminate the live´s of the viewers after seven days. Attempting to save her boyfriend, Julia makes a sacrifice and exposes her to the curse. She watches the tape end up making a terrifying discovery: there is a hidden movie within the movie, that nobody else has ever watched before.

Country: USA
Filming Locations: East Mountain Studios, Georgia, USA and Raleigh Studios, Hollywood, L.A., USA

Rock Paper Dead: The Story Of A Demented Serial Killer, By The Creator Of Friday The 13th

Victor Miller, the man that made us remain sleepless with Friday the 13th, brings us now another horror masterpiece telling the story of Peter Harris, “The Doll Maker”, a cold-blooded serial killer that after having been hospitalized for 20 years, goes back to his family state as a cured man. However, his mental health falls into pieces once he enters the ancestral family house. He becomes to be tortured by the anguished memories of his terrible childhood, and from the visitations of past victims. When the adorable young Ashley appears in his life, Peter makes a deadly decision that will rekindle all those insane old desires that ended in nothing but murder.

Country: USA
Filming Locations: USA


So horror fans, the movie industry seems to have some very chilling surprises for us, let´s have some patience, these five films seem to worth the wait!

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