PADDINGTON 2: Warmth And Laughs In Up to Par Sequel

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Last Updated: Jan 4, 2018

Fancy a trip to London this new year? The big-hearted dark bear is back in this second to take you there just in time in a new installation of Paddington that looks and smells like London, and that is sure to put a smile on your face no matter how old and young you may be.

Superior Sequel

Sequels are usually subpar when compared to the originals, and in that case, Paddington 2 had a lot of compete with, with its original topping the box office for 2 weeks, making $268 million in the box office, and earning a 7.2 rating on IMDB, a 7.9 critic average on rotten tomatoes, and 80 percent audience score on rotten tomatoes.

The critically acclaimed and very popular animation movie has met its equal in what the independent called a “Superior sequel”. Topping the original’s IMDB rating, Paddington 2 has a 8.2 rating on the Internet Movie Data Base website. It also tops the original on rotten tomatoes with 8.7 critic average.

In the box office, Paddington 2 grossed $10.9 million in its first weekend as opposed to the original’s $8 million, and its total box office gross is $95.4 million to date.

Beauty In Simplicity


The sweet animation movie centers on a very simple idea: Paddington the bear work odd jobs to buy his aunt a present in her 100th birthday, but the gift gets stolen. The movie makers make much of this simple plot, though.

From the disaster, and fun, filled weird jobs Paddington takes to save for the gift, to his following misfortune that leaves him surrounded by criminals, Paddington and his love for marmalade leave us laughing and riding a train of emotions, quite literally, to deliver the precious sentimental gift to aunt Lucy.

The jokes are all inclusive and elite in the sense that it is not restricted to a certain age or divided with each targeting a certain age group. The humor in Paddington 2 is for everybody, making it the perfect movie to bring the whole family joy; this one will sure be enjoyed by everybody watching equally.

Nicole Kidman left some big villains hoes to full, but Hugh Grant rises to the occasion in the role of Phoenix Buchanan, a once big actor now working as a spokesperson for a dogwood brand. Buchanan’s quest to put his hands on Paddington’s book has him dressing up in various costumes such as that of an armored knight and a nun.

Buchanan’s search for riches and Paddington’s desire to put a smile on aunt Lucy’s face culminate in an action filled train chase that will leave you laughing and biting your nails at the same time.

Paddington 2 Cast

The cast is more or less the same with Ben Whishaw as Paddington, Hugh Bonneville as Henry Brown, Sally Hawkins as Mary Brown, Julie Walters as Mrs. Bird, Jim Broadbent Mr. Gruber and Peter Capaldi as Mr. Curry, with the addition of Brenden Gleeson as Knuckles McGinty and Hugh Grant as Phoenix Buchanan.

While everybody does their part splendidly, Hugh Grant is a chameleon, dressing up in all sorts of fun costumes and putting obstacle after obstacle in the dark bear’s path.

Director and co-writer Paul King is the biggest star in Paddington 2, however. Staying true to the Paddington spirit hitting the exact right notes to keep the movie charm and its magical atmosphere without slipping into a pure childish territory. Praised by the Guardian for “willing to take children out of their comfort zone” and tapping into child fears, Paul King gives us something that isn magical, but not naive.

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