The New Pirates of the Caribbean Movie titled “Dead Men tell no Tales”

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Last Updated: May 10, 2017

Do you love a good pirate show or movie? Are you seeking a new thrill, well don’t search any longer. The Pirate of the Caribbean’s is about to release another movie adding on to their series. For those who love a thrilling and captivating oceanic show, here is your chance to be one with the Caribbean Pirates.


The movie is part of a line of movies or series that has continued to develop with time. It already has several preceding movies that have entertained and received huge ratings in the past. The movie is full of adventure, action and thrilling plot sessions that are bound to have you holding your breath waiting what happens next. With the terrifying actors and the exciting storyline, you will be sad, engrossed and quite happy with the movie at the very end. You can check out the other movie series just to have a taste of what is to come. However, this is better than all the others.


In many of the movie series, Captain Jack Sparrow is always in trouble seeking adventure here and there. He has sought revenge, found a beautiful woman to befriend among others. In this specific movie, the storyline changes and the chaser becomes the chased. The adventure finds him and not in a good way for he just might lose his life.

The Ghosts Pirates
Captain Jack Sparrow is having difficulties and bad luck seems to follow his every step. However, this has just taken a sharp edge and the turn brings him face to face with the ghost pirates. They have escaped the devils triangle and seek to kill or destroy any pirate that is on the sea including Jack. To top it all off, the ghost pirates are being led by his old foe and nemesis captain Salazar. With the odds against him, he has to flee and seek a way to save his life and the life of other pirates that roam the ocean less risk them all dying.
The Ghosts Pirates

Jack cannot take the ghost pirates and his nemesis on his own. He requires assistance and an artifact if he is to do that. He therefore seeks the assistance of an astronomer who happens to be a beautiful woman Carina Smyth and the help of a young sailor Henry. With their help, he must seek and retrieve the Trident of Poseidon an artifact that has the power to trap and defeat the ghost pirates and his nemesis. The artifact is a legendary one and its power is unmatched as it is said to be able to control the entire ocean or sea. This is what drives Captain Jack to search for it and is determined to change the fate that his life seems to have or has taken.

Captain Salazar and Ghost Pirates
Captain Jack Sparrow has to face and acknowledge that he is faced with a huge challenge. He has to choose which way to go from where he is. He is either to die or face his greatest enemy Captain Salazar and his army of ghost pirates.
Captain Salazar and Ghost Pirates

Release Date

Similar to other movies, the directors of this specific movie have generated quite a buzz. Their first trailer made it impossible to weight for the full movie and the curiosity created then has mounted to the peak. People and fans are really looking forward to the release and have high expectations. Since it has been a long wait, the oncoming movie release date has many on their toes. Tickets are even selling at a high rate considering it is to be released on the 26th of this month. Be sure to grab your or miss out on the launch of this captivating and highly entertaining movie.


The movie is all about survival skills and what best to do when faced with certain challenges. Even with such a theme as adventure and action, the movie according to the trailer is one that will be full of suspense, eagerness and terrifying sessions where the ocean or sea exposes Jack and his friends to wonders of nature both dangerous and purely magnificent. With the legendary artifact at hand, Captain Jack will have the ability to control the entire ocean and can prevent more death to other pirates and ultimately save himself from death by his nemesis hand.

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Adventure is what Captain Jack Sparrow and his companions go in search off. They find more than just the desired adventure, but a lot of action that requires them to save each other’s lives on more than a single occasion. In addition, they have to work together, trust each other and save the sea with its pirates by finding the artifact. It is just a supposed fact and they move forward seeking this artifact with an assurance that they will find it. Definitely, this is one of the best adventure movies that you shouldn’t miss. With its first showing around the corner, it is always easy to be prepared and hard to make it on time. To avoid the movie spoilers, be there when it opens.

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