The Fate of the Fast And Furious

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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2017

It’s back! It is crazy! And it is off the limits! Welcome to the Fate of the Fast And Furious which is to be released comes April 2017. The movie is set to be released then as a continuation of the movies series titled the Fast and furious. The movie has already released seven copies that have been hit all over the world. A Similar explosion of excitement and suspense as expected with this specific movie.However, if the trailer is anything to go with, the Fate of the Fast And Furious is a movie to reckon with and one that will keep you glued to the screen for those few hours, minutes or moments of your time.


Similar to other movies in the fast and furious series, The Fate of the Fast And Furious has the same storyline. However, in this case, they introduce family break ups, betrayal and competition,which adds to the excitement expected. In it, there are more car chases and crashes, better and breathtaking explosions and actions, increased storyline twists and above all, new and fresh faces that you will simply fall in love with.


The trailer begins with a car chase and several car crashes. The team seems to be involved in one of their usual races escaping the police. However, at the very end of this specific chase, Torreto (vin Diesel) ends up betraying them and agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) crashes and appears to have been arrested. It appears that Torreto has just betrayed his family and forsaken them to work with a cyber terrorist Cipher (CharlizeTheron) who is out to take over the world. Cipher is said to have seduced Torreto into the deal and he has forsaken his wife Letty acted by Michelle Rodriguez.

Now, the family has to go against their leader and a brother. Their forces are not that much and they do not want to harm family and still want him back. Although they unite against Dominic and Cipher, they do have the power to see the mission through. Therefore, a twist in the play is introduced where they have to as Dwayne Johnson or Agent Hobbs for assistance together with Jason Statham after getting him jailed in Fast and Furious six. All of them have to work as a team in order to take down Dominic Torreto and Cipher.

In such a world of competition, expect more thrilling car chases, unprecedented and vulgar language, increased drinking outrages and violence but above all the excitement and suspense resulting from it all.

Purpose of The Film/ Movie

Purpose of The Film
When Vin diesel introduced the film at the CinemaCon event in Las Vegas, he said that the purpose for the movie was to celebrate and honor their fellow colleague and movie star Paul Walker who died recently. Since the movie was the first debut by the Fast and Furious Team to be shot after Paul Walkers demise, he says that every part of the film is aimed at ensuring that Paul Walker’s legacy remained and lived through it. His stand on brotherhood and family in this decade or millennium he said was something to be celebrated and adopted into our very lives.

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Even after all the series that have been released over time, it seems that the concept of brotherhood and family still grows strong and binds the team together. The question that is on many people’s mind after viewing the trailer is” it that concept of brotherhood and family enough to turn Dominic’s mind around and not hurt the family he has or has his allegiance changed to fit in with the new Hubby Cipher? If so, what are the expected turnouts, how many people will be injured, what will be the last results?”

If waiting for answers, don’t ask me. However, I believe you will be quite happy to have them as the movie is being released to the theatres near you this April. If you still don’t have a ticket, I believe it is about time you acquired one or miss out on all the action!

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