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Adam Levine to wed Behati Prinsloo – But first seek to apologize to model exes

Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine aims to apologize to his former model girlfriends Nina Agdal and Anne V before he weds Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo next month.

Levine used to be the king of modelisers, or people who date models. Now, that he is about to marry and settle with Prinsloo, he seeks to apologise for how he treated his model ex-girlfriends. He wants to make amends with his model exes because he wants to have a clean slate as he starts his married life.

According to reports, Levine wanted to apologise for the way he treated his ex-girlfriends.

Levine and Prinsloo broke up during the start of 2013 after being together for a year. Then Levine dated Nina Agdal, who he later on left after he fell back in love with Prinsloo as he quickly proposed to the supermodel. He, however, didn’t broke up properly with Agdal and just broke the news about his engagement to her through a text message, which is considered as a very cowardly move.

He also had a controversial relationship with Anne V. They were together for two years, before they got separated in 2012. According to reports, the model blindsided him. She split with the musician by publicly announcing the break up. She said she had a good reason for publicly humiliating Levine.

Before he is marrying Prinsloo, there are sources that he would make amends for the heartbreaks he has caused to his former model girlfriends.

Levine will marry Prinsloo in Mexico next month. After their marriage in Mexico, they will be headed to South Africa, which is Prinsloo’s hometown, for another celebration. There are reports saying that Levine would get a tattoo of Prinsloo’s name on his heart.

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