Which Is The Best Free Music App For Android 2018?

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Last Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Every day new apps storm the mobile technology market promising an excellent music downloading and playing experience. Here we have compiles 13 of the top best free music app for Android 2018 to ensure you enjoy the best of your music and smartphone experience in 2018. Also, music player for android free download to download free music for free. Let’s get kicking.

Top 13 free music apps for an exciting Android smartphone experience


Pandora offers a very impressive and one of the best free music streaming app that has a user friendly interface that’s compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Phone, Nook, Kindle Fire and BlackBerry devices. It can stream your choice of songs or make recommendations for you to play. It has features that allow you save stations, bookmark artists of interest and download music to the phone. You can also connect Pandora using Wi-Fi to stream without a buffer while listening.

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Shazam brings you all free music with endless memorable music experience using the Android and other OS. Shazam offers a good music app with unique flexibility functionality to listen to a song with the app displaying details of the artist and song. It can also allow you share your music discoveries with friends or to link out to YouTube to view the music video, check out reviews about the artist and their songs, upcoming tours, discography, and export song to other apps like Spotify or Pandora. This cool music apps’ excellent as a app to download music to phone.

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Spotify is a music app for Android with much popularity and you can get for free with all free music. It has a well-stocked library and gives room to create your own music station with playlists. It comes in both tablet and mobile version with more features in the tablet version with properties to sync music from your PC, Windows and Mac as a download free music mp3 app. It also works perfectly on iPhones and an Android music player app best free apps.
With a user-customized song list, you can play as well as use push notification to follow regular updates, new releases and more by your favorite artists.

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iHeart Radio

When you are looking for a reliable and popular radio app with the best free music app then the iHeartRadio Android as a music and radio app should be your best bet. iHeartRadio Android app works perfectly with most of the notable smart devices and OS including Android. With iHeartRadio you enjoy variety of music, multiple radio stations; AM, FM radio, comedy shows, talk radio, podcasts, etc. Its user interface to support Android and Chromecast.

IHeartRadio has no limit for music search, the 70s, 80s, 90s, classical, rock, alternatives, etc. You can create a schedule for your music, alarm, snooze. Also, iHeartRadio is a music app with lyrics to view while listening, reading artist biography and share with others. iHeartRadio operates on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Yahoo, Windows 8 and Xbox.

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Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio creates a beautiful music experience that allows users to enjoy free and subscription-based service. Slacker Radio allows cross-platform function for users and to create radio station with playlists as well as user preference for songs of all genres.

Tune-In Radio

Enjoy free music app on your Android device, Bada, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle and plays on talk radio, comedy radio, podcast, etc. With Tune-In Radio you can enjoy well over 100,000 radio stations covering any genre, including AM, FM category. It allows you to pre-set or save radio stations and listen at your convenience.

Sound cloud

The beauty of Sound cloud is that it allows users enjoy tunes uploaded by other users to include upcoming artists and from popular artists. Create a customized playlist, record your own songs and share with other users on Sound Cloud as well as enjoy over 125 million tracks and make use of podcast.

Google play music

GPM has gradually gained popularity as one of the best free music app for Android 2018; a free app and as a music apps for mp3. With the Google play music, you have the freedom to upload as much as 50,000 of your personal songs and a capacity of 300mb to your Google account and playback without interference. Google play allows podcast for both paid and free users.
Having your own account makes it possible to create your own library, customize and play with your regular choice of mix. You can play using the app on your Android device, other OS or from a browser.

Amazon music

Amazon music works so well like the Google Play Music app allowing you to upload up to 250 of your customized songs to your account. As one of the best free music streaming app, Amazon music app allows you re-organize your playlists and sync with your PC or Mac. You can also work with the best free offline music app, downloading your songs and listening from the app.
Enjoy excellent music using your Android or any other OS. But for a monthly subscription, you can enjoy unlimited access to songs ad-free.

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Pi music player

The PI music player has experienced over 18 million downloads and offers users an easy to use interface. The Pi music allows users to even cut certain portions of a music to use as ringtone for their devices. With the Pi Music player, you can create several effects to improve the quality of the sound with 10 exciting pre-sets.
It allows you to use the browser or app to view, share and keep track of multiple artists, album, and genre with friends and family. You can create your own playlists as well YouTube music.


You can use Musi app on your Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc. Musi makes it possible to import videos from SoundCloud and YouTube to a customized playlist on Musi. You can manually use playback controls, regulate the volume even without opening the app and search for songs on the app or using a browser with data saving features. Though with many ad interferences you can customize and create your own unlimited playlists to play music android devices.


If you are an Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Palm, Windows Phone or Blackberry user then you can enjoy the 8tracks music app as a good music app free of charge and listen to music mixes containing 8 tracks each. With the search tab, you can have access to listen to specific songs as desired, popular songs. You can also compile list and then listen via YouTube or SoundCloud or a browser on WordPress, Joomla, Xbox using plug-ins.

Which music player is best for Android?

Google Play Music App & iHeartRadio

To know which is the best free music app? Well, it is the same for which music player is best for Android device? Therefore, we pick the Google Play as the number one best online music app for Android due to its popularity and several functionalities that allow user upload their own songs and customize their experiences.
iHeartRadio is the second best because of the ability to listen to multiple songs, customize the experience and select from an endless list of radio stations.

What is the best free music download app for Android?

The Google Play Music app still ranks as the best music player for android free download. Being from Google gives it a lot of credibilities and with a 50,000 user uploading opportunity then there’s no stopping it. Alternatively to Google play can be the Sound Cloud with a library of over 135 million songs it could arguably be the best free music player for Android.

How do you download music for free on Android?

To enjoy the best free music app for Android 2018 simply do this:

  • If you do not have Android software on your computer then you will need to first download the transfer file app for Android.
  • Install the Android transfer file on your computer.
  • Use a USB cable to connect your smart device to the computer.
  • Highlight the music you want to transfer, drag into your Android transfer folder.vCopy to the gallery or music folder on your phone.

However, as you relax to enjoy some of the best free music app for Android 2018 understands that more free music app keeps flooding the market. You can enjoy the basic functions of most of the Android music player and download app for free but some of them carry ads. But to enjoy an ad-free experience with some additional features you might not pay a monthly subscription.

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