9 Different Types of Guitars That Can Improve Your Music Knowledge

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018

The world has always been with different types of guitars for over centuries now adding more value to the music of all genres. If you are a lover of good music or developing skills in the art of guitar playing then you might want to know more about the best guitar brands, famous guitarists, best guitar for beginners, black acoustic guitar and maybe cheap guitars if you are on a low budget and to help improve your music knowledge.

In actual fact, there are three central types of guitar but with very significant variations existing inside those different groups hence the 9 variations tend to be referred to as 9 types of guitars. Now let’s see the 9 variations of the guitar:

9 Different Types of Guitars to Pick From

Double-neck Guitars


One of the notable features of the Double-neck guitar is that it takes the form of two different types of guitars but sharing the same body and works perfectly for live concerts. The double-neck electric guitar manufacturers creatively made it a two neck guitar so that the player can easily switch from one neck to the other with ease. It is not the best guitar for beginners.

So, it normally comes in two variations of a standard six-string and a twelve-string neck or a six-string and a fretless neck as some of the electric guitar shapes. The advantage of the double-neck classical guitar is that it makes it possible for a famous guitarist or other experts in the house of guitars to move from a twelve-string while playing a rhythm to a six-string guitar for a solo break without having to interrupt the musical flow. It has been around since the 1950s with such brands as the Gretch 6025 Bikini twin neck of 1961 but made more popular in the 1970s through famous guitarists and rock star like Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. It’s one of the best guitar brands for creating multiple tracks.

Archtop Guitars


The Archtop guitar is very popular amongst guitarists even with famous guitarists due to its exquisite and aesthetic designs which aligns with international standards of the house of guitars and as made by the guitar makers. What makes it popular is the f-hole shape introduced by one of the notable guitar manufacturers, Lloyd Loar and made to look like a violin instead of a flat-shaped acoustic or electric guitar.

The Archtop guitar is a steel-string, semi-hollow electric or acoustic guitar instrument carved out of solid billet and produces a mellow and acoustic timbre that even jazz famous guitarists cannot but love and take this as one of the best guitar brands when looking at different types of guitars. It comes as a full body or thin-line guitars with the difference between the electric guitar shapes and the acoustic being the inclusion of electro-magnetic pots and pickups.

Bass Guitars


The striking feature of the bass guitar is its scale-length long neck, thick strings that makes it possible even at an octave low to produce four strings notes from the open strings. Famous guitarists include Stanley Clarke, Ray Brown, Willie Dixon, and J. Pastorius renowned for their virtuoso bass playing skills. And the bass guitar is one of the best guitar brands playing bass tunes in the house of guitars whether for double-bass acoustic guitars or electric. It could be one of the best guitar for beginners when trying out different types of guitars and take basic guitar lessons on the bass guitar.

Steel String Guitars


The steel string guitar offers you custom guitars from Hawaii and requires playing in a horizontal position but across your lap. The steel string guitar makers preferred a flat surfaced position which helps for better control of the slides as the guitar produces excellent sounds using tunings and slides.

The steel string guitar comes as different types of guitars from a group. You have the classical guitar, known as the Spanish guitar that uses nylon strings and perfect for classical music. Steel strong guitars are one of the best guitar brands with a brighter tone and louder sounds perfect for country music, pop, jazz, blues, folk and bluegrass music.

Touch Guitars


The Touch guitar known as the DuoLectar is another of the different types of guitars made popular by its ability to produce distinct sounds only when you touch the string to the fret thus helping to eliminate further noise such as the hiss or hum sound when you play. It is unique for the electronic mute function that makes it easier to play two full octaves creating an excellent blend of music. It is a two neck guitar that allows you play guitar and bass at the same time or alternatively with noiseless and easy transitions manipulating the fingerboards making a tap, bend, pick or slides.

Acoustic Guitars


Now if you are searching for different types of guitar strings then pay attention to the acoustic guitar. It offers some of the best guitar for beginners and comes as classical or the steel string acoustic guitar. While classical guitars have a wider neck and make use of nylon strings steel string guitars let out metallic sounds that align with the most musical genre. The acoustic guitar whether the black acoustic guitar, acoustic electric guitar or not, in fact, offers the best guitar brands for basic guitar lessons and as the best guitar for beginners. So if you are in need of high-priced expensive guitar or cheap guitars of relatively high quality or first guitar for beginners, intermediate or advanced guitar players you have found one here. It is portable, easy to use for songwriters and produces excellent sound quality in a closed location or outdoor.

Electric Guitars


Electric guitars are usually the favorite and most used by pop, blues, rock and jazz bands. It offers different types of guitars with electric guitar shapes, acoustic electric guitar, Black acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, Custom guitars, best guitar brands with different types of guitar strings.

Strings of electric guitar are thinner than that of the acoustic guitar and do not require much force to manipulate. Electric guitars could come with solid hollow bodies, thin-body or contoured body, archtop and can produce exciting tunes, metallic and sustaining sounds to the delight of an audience. They work using a plugged-in amplifier to produce exquisite sound.

Twelve-string Guitars


A twelve-string guitar comes with two sets of six strings with the second set thinner than the other. The strings of set two each align with the tones of the strings of set one to make a solid pair as if to play a six string guitar only.

The advantage, however, is that you get more exciting and creative tones using a twelve than six-string guitar and that makes it one of the unique feature of all the different types of guitars. It is definitely not the best guitar for beginners as it is more expensive and takes more effort to play. Trust famous guitarists such as The Beatles and The Byrds to use the twelve-string guitar instead.

Resonator Guitars


You have the wooden and steel or metal acoustic resonator guitars as another set of different types of guitars. They offer brilliant and sound that’s perfect for large halls and outdoor events. Country and blues musicians love the resonator.

The resonator does not usually use hollow-body but a resonator cone in the form of a speaker which has a circular perforated plate made from spun aluminum. The perforated plate creates a vibration caused by the tapping of the strings and amplified to the guitar top.

Since the history of guitar manufacturing and playing centuries ago, there have been hundreds of different types of guitars even making best guitar brands such that you cannot exhaust learning different guitars or guitar basics till date. In most cases, your choice of guitar instrument should be influenced by the type of music or the genre of music you intend to promote or purpose for the best guitar for beginners, intermediate or advanced players. Also, your taste in terms of the aesthetic, design and color choice will determine the type of guitar you should purchase.

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