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Electric Zoo Music Selling Tickets but needs city permit

The electronic music festival which was held at Randall’s Island last year is selling tickets for this year’s summer show. However, Electric Zoo should first obtain a permit from the city, which was made compulsory following the death of two partygoers last summer from a drug overdose.

The planners of the music festival where the two students succumbed from overdoses last year are still the ones selling tickets for this summer – despite the fact that their permit has not been signed off.

The tickets for the Electric Zoo, at Randall’s Island electronic music, will hit the market starting April 29, and the three-day event will take place from Aug 29 to Aug 31, as indicated in their website.

There will be tighter security this time round – including police in plain uniforms and drug-sniffing dogs at every entrance, according to the press release. Additionally, the promoters of the occasion will provide electrolytes and water to concertgoers and shorten the duration of each day’s show.

Stefan Friedman of Mercury Public Affairs who was hired by the organizers to obtain permit to this year’s event said they are looking forward to putting on the safest festive this Labor Day. The firm has also heaved $32,520 for Mayor de Blasio’s campaign and inauguration.

However, a Parks Department spokesman said the application which was presented last December, only four months after the death of the partygoers from drug “Molly” overdoses, was still “under review.”

The spokesman didn’t disclose when a decision will be arrived.

However, the concertgoers seemed unmoved and took to twitter to express their bliss that the festival could be making a comeback following organizers’ calling it off on the final day after the two tragic deaths.

Jon Cioffi!” tweeted, “@ElectricZoo bringing back NY’s best music festival to Randall’s Island, can’t wait to be back!”

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