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Fans of Coldplay enjoy Christmas in May at Festive Party

Coldplay gave fans a Christmas-like treat at iHeartRadio Album Release Party as the band celebrated their sixth album’s release.

The sun was blazing hot outside the theater but strong air-conditioning made it seem like it’s already December. Adding to the cool illusion are the decorations on the set filled with glittering pine trees, illuminating stars, and sprays of star shaped confetti that showered the audiences in snowy debris.

The Ghost Stories album is a critically praised music album and the first full-length album of the band in three long years.

About 400 fans were really in for a treat when they saw Coldplay perform the album’s tracks live. It was reported that the mood at iHeartRadio Theater was jovial, which is a contradiction to the album’s melancholic, moody, and broken-hearted theme.

When the band performed “A Sky Full of Stars”, everyone broke into a dance. Vocalist Chris Martin, who is fresh from his uncoupling with Gwyneth Paltrow, flailed wildly as he sang the song.

When the band was asked in an interview as to what really inspired their music, Martin said they have decided to be open and vulnerable so whatever they’re singing could come out real.

When the band was done playing all the songs from the new album the crowd asked for more. Coldplay was game to play “Clocks” and “O (Fly On)”.

The studio version of the Grammy winning song “O (Fly On)” featured Martin and Paltrow’s daughter, Apple, and although she wasn’t at the festival to celebrate with her father, the band’s unison with Martin as vocalist, Johnny Buckland the guitarist, Guy Berryman the bassist, and Will Champion the drummer, is sort of an early Christmas present to everyone who watched and was there at the iHeartRadio Theater.

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