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Music Academy of the West & New York Philharmonic Enters in Four-Year Deal

Music Academy of the West and the New York Philharmonic went in to a four-year deal to create unique and intensive opportunities for a few Music Academy Fellows to train with New York Philharmonic musicians and Music Director Alan Gilbert in Santa Barbara.

Gilbert will be present at the Music Award Summer Festival in the company of assistant conductors and musicians for the training and performances annually for four years every summer. The event will be culminating in a joint concert with the New York Philharmonic and Academy festival orchestra to celebrate the Music Academy’s 70th anniversary in 2017.

In every summer, 10 Music Academy Fellows will be selected by audition and will travel to New York City for 10-day apprenticeships and musical immersion with the Philharmonic every year until 2018.

Gilbert said that this collaboration with Music Academy of the West taps into multiple facets of the New York Philharmonic, adding that their musicians have exceptional amount to share, in terms of performance and education.

Music Academy President Scott Reed said that the historic collaboration with the New York Philharmonic is a transformative for the Music Academy, their Fellows, and Santa Barbara community. He added that there will be unparalleled training opportunities during the summer and throughout the year.

Mathew VanBesien, New York Philharmonic Executive Director, said they have set the highest standard for performance which has been an inspiration for musicians across the globe, and that they are grateful that Alan Gilbert and their musicians will be in a position to give back in the form of helping to train the next generation. He also stated that they have similar undertakings in Shanghai Orchestra Academy and Residency which will allow Alan and their talented musicians to create a long-term, immersive connection with Santa Barbara audiences, through their unique performances.

Under the stewardship of Gilbert, the New York Philharmonic will perform at the Music Academy Summer Festival in Santa Barbara during the summer seasons of 2015 and 2017. Philharmonic debut will be marked in 2015 at the historic Santa Barbara County Bowl. The 2017 residency will comprise of a joint appearance with the New York Philharmonic and the AFO to honor the Music Academy’s 70th Anniversary. The Summer Festival in 2014 and 2016 will be conducted by Alan Gilbert, while Joshua Weilerstein, a Music Academy alumnus, will be conducting the Music Academy’s annual Concerto Night later in July this year.

Former New York Philharmonic Principal Flute Jeanne Batresser, Cello Alan Stepansky, the former Associate Principal, and current Philharmonic trombonist David Finlayson have also been included.

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