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Music Festival Style 2014: Coachella Few Days Ahead!

Music Festival Style!

Coachella is a few days ahead and if you are planning to attend the upcoming music festivals including Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, Bonnarroo, or any other, ensure that you are in possession of perfect fashions like Coachella vet Vanessa Hudgens to match the occasion.

Here are some five ways to flaunt your #FreeSpiritedSide as shared by Jeannie Mai, a style expert for The Hunt (the first community-based app where you can shop for pictures).

Lounge-worthy Lace

You can easily obtain a lace which can be treated as an accent to any material including lace shorts with a button up flannel tied around your waist, and a rocker tee layered underneath. You can also try a lace-lined brassiere peeking out from a loose top, with boyfriend jeans down a little from your waistline. Exposing the sexy peaks will shield you from the festival heat.


They are in plenty and you can chose from the chil, vibin’ for the footwear, but it is good to look attractive and confident in comfortable shoes without feeling hurt such that you can’t walk port-o-potty in or icky dirt and grass on your feet. You can get it from Burning Man, Coachella, “Hot Day South Day” vet, and if you want a chillax, the flat shoe that say I’m ride-or-die. Go for a low heel if it is a must, and select worn leathers that are old but looking better.

Care-Free Kimonos

It may not be the first thing to come in your mind but kimono-style sleeves and necklines are wonderful in adding a hippie nod in the music festival view. Additionally, you can easily style around once you have layered the look on. Accompany it with a T-shirt and denim cut off shorts without spending much, and then put on bangles, feather earrings, hand chains, or motoboots.

Cross Body Bags

You will definitely be in the dance mood when your favorite bands take stage. You have to make your arms free. Just from $20 you can get one in a variety of styles. Any that will have a hang appeal during fun moments including fringe, beads, or chain will add some swag to your sway.

Whip Your Hair Back & (Fashionably) Forth

Nowadays, there is no need for hair accessories even if you have a long hair. You just hold it with a headband or avoid it all the same. It is just a matter of keeping it away from your face. Thanks to Lupita Nyong’o. Regardless of where you are travelling for a festival, adding an accent to your hair enhances a flirty look. You can use a floral headband, mismatched barrettes to hold back your lock, or a scarf such as turban, or dainty necklaces hanging low on your forehead.

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