• Pop

    Lorde brings Nirvana Aesthetics back – David Grohl

    Legendary rock artist David Grohl is hopeful that good pop music is still alive through the music of Lorde. Dave Grohl appreciated Lorde’s song ‘Royals’ when he heard it on the radio along with his eight and five year... Read More

  • Picastro – Idiosyncratic Pop Music With Purpose


    Picastro – Idiosyncratic Pop Music with Purpose

    It is now apparent that the inharmonious experimental folk music performed by Liz Hysen as Picastro is not intended for public listening. Nevertheless, since the 15-year-old project once featured Owen Pallett, Hysen’s recordings at times prompt listeners to hear... Read More

  • Costly Pop Music Videos


    Top 8 Costly Pop Music Videos That Cost Millions to Make

    Some popstars value the visuals as importantly as the music itself and this leads them to spend huge amounts of cash to come up with costly videos. In celebrating Cash In With Capital, let us have a look at... Read More

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