Picastro – Idiosyncratic Pop Music with Purpose

It is now apparent that the inharmonious experimental folk music performed by Liz Hysen as Picastro is not intended for public listening. Nevertheless, since the 15-year-old project once featured Owen Pallett, Hysen’s recordings at times prompt listeners to hear something melodic from the traditions.

Picastro’s new album, “You (Static Clang)” as “if Sonic had ever been thrust a selection of instruments belonging to a beleaguered secondary School orchestra.”

Perhaps the description could have been better if it did not have the 3/10 review.

Hysen gladly admitted that the Picastro is pop music, but not, and people always don’t know what it is intended for, adding that she is fine with it, though. She said she is not delusional and thus she’s aware it is not meant for every person.

She is certain of her musical idiosyncrasies

She said that she didn’t really know if it was good or not in the beginning, but got encouragement from others to keep doing it. She now feel like whatever her vision was, it is finally culminating and becoming something definite. Hysen admits that she is now confident and is aware her writing is good, catchy and that is ok with her if not what others would expect from a pop song.

In her new You album, Hysen requested a wide spectrum of collaborators in expanding the core lineup, including Alex Lukashevsky (of Deep Dark United) and Tony Dekker (from Great Lake Swimmers). It appears she was appealed to the decision of engaging male voices to add more context material to her music.

Hysen said that her intentions were to take her voice out of it altogether, which the band members were against, adding that she wanted to see what it would sound like.

However, Hysen’s fragile, quivering vocals form a huge part of Picastro’s sound after her band team members convinced her.

She now thinks that she can be a great singer and thus she figured it wouldn’t make any difference, noting she was just trying to experiment it. She said it might happen in the next album.

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