• Rock

    Rock Erie Music Awards

    Visitors arriving sooner than required at the 2014 Rockerie Music Awards were dealt with to extraordinary unrecorded music from nearby soul, rock, nation and punk groups before the show. Three stages at the north end of the Bayfront Convention... Read More

  • Copyright dispute over Bob Marley songs


    Copyright dispute over Bob Marley songs begins in London court

    The hearing for publisher Cayman Music’s attempt to retrieve its rights over 13 of Bob Marley songs started in London’s High Court. The argument of the hearing mainly revolves on an agreement that Cayman Music and Blue Mountain Music... Read More

  • Las Vegas Strip Set To Host Rock In Rio Music Festival


    Las Vegas Strip Set to Host Rock in Rio Music Festival

    Giant casino company MGM Resorts in collaboration with others on Monday announced they are planning to construct a 33-acre open-air music venue on the Las Vegas Strip in preparations to host a four-day Rock in Rio USA festival scheduled... Read More

  • Samsung Milk Music Enjoys

    Music: Latest Breaking International Music News

    Samsung Milk Music Enjoys 380, 000 Downloads

    Milk Music, the competitor to Pandora which was launched in early March by Samsung is already boasting of 380,000 downloads. Wonpyo Hong, Samsung Media Solutions Center President, made the figure public in an interview with the Wall Street Journal... Read More

  • David Nail Marks New Sound with His Third Album ‘I’m a Fire’


    David Nail Marks New Sound with His Third Album ‘I’m a Fire’

    David Nail wanted to start on his own; it was high time he moved out from the band. His first single “am a fire” motivated him. His life had reached a turning point. The song “whatever she’s got” stirred... Read More

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