David Nail Marks New Sound with His Third Album ‘I’m a Fire’

David Nail wanted to start on his own; it was high time he moved out from the band. His first single “am a
fire” motivated him. His life had reached a turning point.

The song “whatever she’s got” stirred his inner self, it was lively. It hit number one on Billboards Country
Airplay Chart. He wasn’t the same moody and gloomy guy people used to know.

The Missouri – born singers naturally smooth voice went hand to hand with his sentimental songs like “Turning home” which earned him a Grammy nomination for male vocal performance. It was based on his life.

According to Darvis Rucker, who nail curtain raised for on his true believers tour, Nail is one of the best singer s in country music as of now. His emotional performances are what draw fans to him.

“He feels what he’s singing” says Rucker “that’s what makes his songs popular”

In his new album, nail relied more on the guitar and less on piano. He pumped up the tempo. Little Big town and Lee Ann Womack provided back up on some of the tracks and he pushed himself vocally to expand his register.

Nail always wanted to give out his best on his live shows he gave fans a balance between the melancholy song and the full songs.

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