Rock Erie Music Awards

Visitors arriving sooner than required at the 2014 Rockerie Music Awards were dealt with to extraordinary unrecorded music from nearby soul, rock, nation and punk groups before the show. Three stages at the north end of the Bayfront Convention Center – in the dance floor, anteroom and the porch outside – facilitated very nearly 20 neighborhood demonstrations performing for fans.

Kayti Stadler, 29, who co-facilitated with maker Trevor Huster, said that was by outline.

“The unrecorded music for the duration of the day is something other than what’s expected for us. We did that so individuals could see past grant champs and this present year’s candidates. There were a great deal of new faces like Mayflower Hill. They performed and later won for best nation act,” she said.

Visitors had the capacity listen to Brooke Surgener, 23, perform outside under a sunny late-September sky. Later at night, Surgener won Song of the Year respects for “Winter’s Window.”

Recompenses were displayed in a more modest venue than in past shows, which Stadler said was a positive move.
“It was in a littler room, yet it was cozier. Individuals holding up backstage said the show was a considerable measure more laid back. One of the highlights happened after the show when parts of Potwhole got out their guitars and played acoustically for individuals as they exited. I thought it was an incredible show in light of the fact that we truly centered on the music,” Stadler said.

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