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The Beatles Trivia Even Superfans Don’t Know

The Beatles’ album “Revolver” was released August 5, 1966, which means it celebrated its 48th anniversary just last Tuesday.

To honor the phenomenal band, here are other trivia’s you probably didn’t know about them:

  1. The Beatles concert venue smells of urine because of overexcited girls literally peeing as they watch the band play.
    Beatle Girls
  2. George Harrison’s first “shag” was in Hamburg, with Paul, John, and Pete secretly watching while they were in their own bunkbeds. The guys cheered and applauded after George was done.
  3. In the book “Instamatic Karma” by May Pang, John Lennon’s former girlfriend, she recalled how Lennon ended the band through a phone call in a Polynesian Village Hotel at Disney World.
  4. The band planned to buy an Island near Athens, Greece to build a community free from wars, capitalism, communism, nationalism, fascism, religion, and everything in Lennon’s “Imagine.” But according to Paul, it couldn’t happen because there will always be arguments.hard-days-night-beatles
  5. A dentist secretly slipped LSD into The Beatles coffee, which is the first time that the band was introduced to the significant substance.
  6. A lot of western bands, including The Beatles, were banned in the Soviet Union, which is why the Russians had to listen to the band through converted X-Ray scans.r-GREEK-ISLAND-large570
  7. The band used to live behind the screen of a cinema house called Bambi Kino in Hamburg, Germany in 1960. They were deported after they lit a condom on fire in that place. They went back to Hamburg on 1962 and ate a horse on Christmas Eve.
  8. The Beatles was the first band to use the “devils horns” hand gesture held up by John Lennon’s cartoon image on the cover of their “Yellow Submarine” album.r-YELLOW-SUBMARINE-large570
  9. Marsha Albert, a then 15-year-old girl from Maryland is said to have started Beatlemania in the USA.
  10. Paul and John met each other in 1957 during The Quarrymen show, and John Lennon was drunk when that happened.
  11. Even though the Vatican condemned the band after Lennon said they were more popular than Jesus, the Vatican forgave them in 2010 and named their album “Revolver” as the best pop album in history.COVER

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