NexaSlim Ketosis Review: Shed Pounds Fast? My Take

NexaSlim Ketosis Review: Check out my detailed review on how NexaSlim helped or didn’t with my weight loss goals and ketosis state.

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Updated :Jul 17, 2024
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I struggled with my weight and digestive problems for years. Despite my attempt to take different diets and exercising regimes, the outcome was always temporary. I took various supplements and treatments, but almost all were either not efficient or caused adverse reactions.

This was after having a conversation with a fellow employee who I noticed was going through similar issues. She looked great and said that she had been using a supplement known as Nexaslim. She came across it through a social media advertisement, and it had notably improved weight loss and digestion. Her speaking so highly of her made me sit up.

After hearing her success story, I could not help but follow my own research. I also went to the official website of Nexaslim, and I must say that the information given here is detailed. So, I decided to order the food and began the process towards a healthier me.

I agreed to take Nexaslim for 90 days to experience an improvement in metabolism and digestion. This article will therefore describe my interaction, findings and general performance during this period.

Ingredients of NexaSlim Ketosis

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is effective, well-known and versatile for many purposes. It can also help weight loss because the feeling of being full can lead to less consumption of energy-rich foods.

ACV also assists in the management of blood sugar levels, resulting in more stable levels of energy and less desire for sweet snacks. It also has properties that can help eliminate toxins in the body as well as aid in digestion hence its usefulness in weight reduction diets and enhancing body productivity.

BHB Salts

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts are exogenous ketones that are needed to enter & sustain the body in ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state that can greatly aid weight loss by enabling the body to operate on stored fat, rather than carbohydrates.

These are useful in increasing the rate of the said process through offering an instant source of ketones, replenishing vigor, focus as well as stamina during the first week of any ketogenic diet exercise.


L-Arginine is one of the amino acids and its role in the body includes acting as a protein, a detoxifying agent in the body and in the diet. This is especially advantageous in the improvement of blood circulation by synthesizing nitric oxide in the process.

Optimized blood flow helps the muscles to suffice increased oxygen supply which translates to better strain during workouts and quicker recuperation. Moreover, L-Arginine is considered to have positive effects on the heart and immune system, promoting full wellness.

7-Keto DHEA

7-Keto DHEA is an over the counter supplement that is a derivative of dehydroepiandrosterone, which in turn helps to raise metabolic rate and stimulate fat loss. While 7-Keto does not convert into sex hormones in the human body same to what DHEA does, 7-Keto does not have this side effect and hence recommended for long-term use.

It has been pinpointed to boost the metabolic rate of the body, BMR, thus making the body burn calories at a faster rate. Also, 7-Keto DHEA has shown to boost the body’s immune system and could help to increase overall energy and liveliness.


What Happened To My Body in 90 Days While Using NexaSlim Ketosis?

Attempting to lose weight is not easy, but it is always fulfilling especially when it is being done with some assistance. Most importantly, through using NexaSlim Ketosis for 90 days, I got first-hand experience on how this product works.

Here is my account of the experience of the specific 15 days and transformation covered in this article. Spare me some time and let me show you the ups and the downs, the beginning and the accomplishments, and the finality with the NexaSlim Ketosis.

Month 1

Days 1-15: The Kickstart Phase

For the first two weeks of NexaSlim Ketosis plan, I felt a combination of anticipation and contempt. The first few days of the BHB salts saw a general uplift in energy levels as observed by most of the subjects.

I experienced a slight decrease in appetite, and especially because of the Apple Cider Vinegar I did not feel tempted to eat when it was not necessary. I noticed a slight decrease in weight by the second week, which I took as a positive sign. My digestion, too, improved and I felt less bloated in my stomach.

Days 16-30: Getting into the swing of things

By the time I hit the second week of the first month, my body became more comfortable with the supplement. The onset of ketosis was less of a problem, and the cravings for carbohydrates were reduced.

I observed improvements in stamina as well as the recovery period due to L-Arginine in the formula that made the workout sessions more efficient.

I started feeling more alert during the day thus enhancing my mental health. By the third week, or day 30, I had lost a few more pounds, and my clothes began to fit me better.

Month 2

Days 31-45: Building Momentum

The second month started as if I got into my working rhythm. My body was now using fat for energy, something that was evident with the efficiency of the BHB salts and 7-Keto DHEA.

I had normal energy levels all through the day and I was not feeling sleepy as I used to feel in the afternoon.

I was in good condition and had more energy to take care of my body throughout the day. By this time I was recording gradual progress in my weight loss program, and people I met began to remark on how slim I was becoming.

Days 46-60: Breaking Plateaus

Finally, one day, almost halfway through, I realized that I was not losing as much weight as before. But, rather than get demotivated, I was able to use the improved stamina that resulted from L-Arginine to work even harder in my training programs.

I decided to up my cardio and strength training workout, which led me to get out of the plateau. Similarly, I was recording better body composition whereby the body fat would reduce significantly. In addition, I continued to have good bowel movements; I no longer had that feeling of bloated stomach as before.

Month 3

Days 61-75: Tuning and Adjusting

Moving to the final phase, I decided to improve my diet plan and working out schedule. After continuing to take the NexaSlim Ketosis, I was able to maintain my energy and metabolism as needed.

I tried out the intermittent fasting, and the Apple Cider Vinegar helped suppress appetite. This period was also characterized by ensuring improved health status. I noticed that I felt more alive, more energetic, and more purposeful in my day-to-day tasks.

Days 76-90: My Goals & Objectives

The final portion of the expedition was very rewarding. By now, NexaSlim Ketosis became a natural part of my daily life and I did not even think about it anymore. So far, so good; I had shed several pounds /inches from my waistline.

My muscles were well developed, and I always had lots of energy; I also felt like I had achieved something. Looking back, I could only applaud myself for having such reliable products such as 7-Keto DHEA in the process that helped my metabolism and performance.


Before & After Using NexaSlim Ketosis

Before & After of NexaSlim Ketosis

I could confidently say that starting my NexaSlim Ketosis journey was one of the best decisions I have ever made towards attaining a healthier lifestyle and managing my weight.

Before I started adding this powerful supplement in my daily routine, I was suffering from a lot of problems including low energy levels, constant food cravings, weight loss stagnation and jerky digestion.

However, after establishing a routine of consuming NexaSlim Ketosis, the change that was realized was quite impressive. Take a glance at the noticeable changes I have made using this product as the supplement to help improve my health and fitness.

Before Using NexaSlim Ketosis

  • Some of the symptoms that were often experienced included feeling weak and lethargic during the day.
  • They also reported that it was difficult for them to shed off some extra weight even when they exercised and took diets.
  • Suffered from the constant desire for sweets and other high-carb products, which entailed consuming large portions.
  • Complaining of problems in the past, including focusing and having a clear mind.
  • Experienced those slippery weight loss goals that were rather challenging to overcome.

After Using NexaSlim Ketosis

  • To cut down calories successfully and thus slimming down my figure and losing inches.
  • Observed a lesser frequency of craving for high calorie, high fat content foods, making it easier to maintain a proper diet plan.
  • Felt more active and mindful, increasing the efficiency while working.
  • Successfully managed to come out of the weight loss plateau and went on the further path to becoming fit.
  • Able to subscribe to the concept of healthy living since was motivated into embracing the goal of healthy living.
  • Noted higher energy levels and increased rate of exercising recovery thus increasing the productivity of sessions.


Who Is NexaSlim Ketosis For?

NexaSlim Ketosis is manufactured for consumers who want to embrace the ketogenic diet lifestyle to improve their health and lose weight.

1. Those Pursuing Weight Loss

If you are struggling to lose the final kilos or get through a weight loss plateau, NexaSlim Ketosis can assist in fueling ketosis for faster fat loss.

Need an Extra Boost: Especially for those people who are already on a diet and physical exercise but still desire something extra to enhance the outcome.

2. Busy Professionals

Flexibility is often hard to achieve in a busy lifestyle that is why a strict ketogenic diet can be difficult to adhere to. NexaSlim Ketosis supports you in a couple of ways as it allows you to be in ketosis without having to count each calorie that you take.

Energy Demands: The BHB salts present in NexaSlim Ketosis help to provide sustained energy and mental clarity to the individuals who have jobs that require them to work for long hours.

3. Fitness Enthusiasts

It also has L-Arginine and 7-Keto DHEA, making it possible for athletes and generally fitness freaks to achieve improved workout performance and faster recovery status.

For those who want to achieve an increase in lean body mass and decrease in fat, NexaSlim Ketosis serves as a useful supplement to incorporate into one’s lifestyle.

4. Individuals New to Keto

It also assists those who are new to the ketogenic diet because, with the help of the BHB salts, the body goes into ketosis much easier and without as much discomfort as it would if it were not taking NexaSlim Ketosis.

It may assist in reducing typical negative effects of keto diet, like tiredness, migraines, as well as mood swings to make ketosis much easier.

5. Health-Conscious Individuals

So, for those who want to hype up their metabolic health, then, due to the presence of the Apple Cider Vinegar extract, NexaSlim Ketosis provides improved blood sugar control, appetite regulation.

Those people who would like to maintain a proper digestive system and avoid bloating should use NexaSlim Ketosis since the product contains natural elements for detoxification.

Is NexaSlim Ketosis Worth It?

Accelerates Weight Loss

  • Aids in sustaining ketosis, a condition that enhances fat utilization as fuel.
  • Aids to knock weight loss plateaus by combining BHB salts and 7-Keto DHEA.

Boosts Energy Levels

  • They help to work in the course of the day without the feeling of tiredness and laziness.
  • Improves workout performance and endurance, exercise becomes more enjoyable and easier to stick to regular fitness regimes.

Reduces Cravings

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is also said to control hunger and therefore minimize the likelihood of giving into sweet and carbohydrate-filled cravings.
  • Helps in maintaining a ketogenic diet as it helps one understand their hunger levels.

Improves Mental Clarity

  • Ketones are great fuel sources for the brain and enhance awareness and focus in the brain.
  • Improves and sharpens concentration level and that is very vital especially for working people and students.

Supports Digestive Health

  • Herbs such as Apple Cider Vinegar and L-Arginine also aids digestion and the management of bloating.
  • Helps facilitate bowel movements and aids digestion within the entire body.

Versatile Use

  • Ideal for beginners who are planning to come to keto because it helps to reduce the period of adaptation.
  • An ideal supplement for those who have been on ketogenic diet for some time and may require an enhancement to their program.


Product Description

Product Name : NexaSlim Ketosis

Brand : NexaSlim

Product Type : Dietary Supplement

Form : Capsules

Size/Quantity : 60 Capsules (Example size)

Key Ingredients : Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), Salts, Apple Cider Vinegar , L-Arginine , 7-Keto DHEA

Features : – Supports Ketosis and Fat Burning , Boosts Energy Levels , Reduces Cravings , Enhances Mental Clarity

Benefits : – Accelerates Weight Loss , Improves Workout Performance , Supports Digestive Health , Promotes Overall Well-being

Usage Instructions : – Take 2 capsules daily with water, preferably before meals.

Storage Instructions : – Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Warnings/Precautions : – Consult with a healthcare provider before use if pregnant, nursing, or taking medication.

Price :

  • Buy 1 Bottle $69.95 (Per bottle) $69.95 (total price )
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free $45.95 $91.90
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free $39.95 $119.85

Where to Buy : Available on NexaSlim’s official website- Select online retailers like Amazon, Walmart

Additional Info: Made in the USA , Gluten-free and Vegan-friendly , Free from artificial additives and preservatives



All in all, NexaSlim Ketosis is a dependable supplement for the ketogenic diet that delivers the intended results. Along with promoting fat loss it complements high energy, reduces hunger pangs and is good for the health as it is enriched with natural extracts. While exploring the benefits of ketosis and how it aids in weight loss, it’s essential to consider other effective supplements like Vitauthority Melt, which provides a comprehensive approach to weight management.

NexaSlim Ketosis has glowing reviews from users together with its commitment to the delivery of quality products, making it the perfect partner for the pursuit of a healthier version of yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What shall one understand about NexaSlim Ketosis?

A. NexaSlim Ketosis in the form of ketone supplements that are useful in creating and sustaining a state of ketosis. This is a metabolic state that promotes the burning of fat as fuel and this results into massive weight loss and increased energy levels.

Q. Is NexaSlim Ketosis effective and safe to use?

A. It is safe to use and is made from natural products and therefore most people can use it without any problem. That being said, it is always advised to speak with your doctor before beginning any new supplement, especially if one is on medication or has a health complication.

Q. I am particularly interested to know how long it will take for me to witness the effects of NexaSlim Ketosis.

A. Individual outcomes could differ due to certain factors including diet, fitness regime, and metabolism. It is possible that some users will feel changes in energy and appetite at the first days of the course, and visible changes in body weight will take a few weeks.

Q. Is it possible to use NexaSlim Ketosis if you are not on ketogenic diets?

A. Of course, NexaSlim Ketosis can be useful even if you do not adhere tightly to a ketogenic diet. The exogenous ketones in the supplement can assist with metabolism of fats and energy source whether the consumer follows a paleo diet or not.

Q. Does NexaSlim Ketosis have any side effects related to it?

A. Though, most clients do not have any negative side effects, a few of them may sometimes notice minor discomforts like digestive upset or change in bowel habits during the initial days of use of NexaSlim Ketosis. These side effects are generally only temporary and disappear as the body adapts to the supplement.

Q. What is the recommended way to take NexaSlim Ketosis to achieve the best outcomes?

A. It is, therefore, advisable to consult a healthcare practitioner to determine the ideal dosage of NexaSlim Ketosis in the course of use. Most often, it is recommended to use the supplement, as indicated on the pack, preferably dissolved in water, and before meals for better absorption.

Q. Is it safe to use NexaSlim Ketosis while being pregnant or breastfeeding?

A. However, one should always consult with a healthcare professional before taking the supplement, especially if one is pregnant or breastfeeding. So although the ingredients of NexaSlim Ketosis are all natural, you need to be as careful as possible for the sake of both you and your baby.

Q. Is there anything in NexaSlim Ketosis that can cause an allergic reaction?

A. NexaSlim Ketosis is thus devoid of allergenic components like gluten, dairy products, soy, and artificial add-ins. However, individuals who are allergic to certain types of foods should pay particular attention to the ingredients list in the particular food product.


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