Sony Xperia Z2 Still Functions After Six Weeks in the Sea

Author By Vytautas Palubeckas
Updated :Feb 12, 2024
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Sony has long been a pioneer in the production of water-resistant phones, with the Xperia active launched in 2011 being one of the earliest models of its kind in the western market.
The company, however, has always cautioned against exposing phones to extreme conditions. The Xperia Z2, for instance, is rated to survive under 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes according to its IP58 certification.

What Actually Happened?

Yet, an incident in Sweden demonstrated the surprising resilience of these devices. Alexander Maxén, a resident of Gothenburg, inadvertently dropped his Xperia Z2 into the sea while water-skiing.

xperia-z2 recovered

The phone sunk to a depth of over 10 meters, rendering it irretrievable at the time. Surprisingly, the phone was still receiving calls when they returned to land. Six weeks later, Maxén’s friend, a resident, retrieved the phone during a scuba dive.

Despite sustained external damage and a depleted battery, the phone was found to be still operational when they attempted to charge it. The LED indicator lit up and the phone was even able to make calls.

xperia-z2 after-suffering-external damage

This incident, which saw the Xperia Z2 endure six weeks at the bottom of the sea, lends credence to the exceptional water-resistance capabilities of the phone, far surpassing the limitations stated by Sony.

Maxén decided to keep the phone in its damaged state as a reminder of its incredible journey.

Vytautas Palubeckas