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2014’s Top Overpaid Major League Baseball Players

The average salary of a Major League Baseball player is $3.9 million, which is third biggest among all the sports in the world.

This amount is somehow inflated, but it does not necessarily mean high level of performance.

Some of the players’ contact value is not balance with their performance for this season.

Here are the most overpaid MLB players in 2014:

7. San Francisco Giants’ Tim Lincecum earned $17 million despite having a rough go this season. He was even moved to the bullpen.10 Tim-Lincecum

6. LA Angels’ Josh Hamilton earned $17 .4 million. This year he is batting .266 with 10HR and 20 2B in all 81 games.10 Josh Hamilton

5. New York Mets’ David Wright earned $20 million. Meanwhile his batting average is at .266 with an on-base percentage of .324, and his slugging percentage is .368 this season.10 David Wright

4. Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander earned $20 million. A lot of fans believe that his performance doesn’t reflect his salary.10 Justin Verlander

3. LA Dodgers’ Carl Crawford earned $21.1 million. He hasn’t hit quite well this season.  10 Carl-Crawford

2. Minnesota Twins’ Joe Mauer earned $23 million. His batting average is at .273.91449695JS027_DETROIT_TIGER

1. Philadelphia Phillies’ Ryan Howard earned $25 million. WAR statistic shows he is at -0.7 WAR this season.10 Ryan Howard

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