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Best NBA Power Forwards Ever

In a battle for position, the power forward takes the front lines. He intimidates his opponents with his physical attributes to mark his territory and set the field for his team-mates.

Here are the best NBA Power Forwards in history:

10. Dennis Rodman. Nicknamed The Worm, this player is notoriously famous for his ever changing hair color and his incredible skills as a defensive forward.6 Rodman

9. Dolph Schayes. This man can gracefully drive the ball in as opponents surround him. He is the real double-double machine and star power forward.6 Dolph Schayes

8. Kevin McHale. He can easily be considered as the king of the up-and-under move.6 Drik Nowitzki

7. Drik Nowitzki. This 7-foot German giant is a force to reckon with in the high post.6 Drik Nowitzki2

6. Kevin Garnett. His intensity can easily conquer the interior during defense and offense.6 kevin-garnett-celtics

5. Bob Pettit. Standing 6-foot-9, he is one of the strongest interior rebounder and scorer in NBA history from 1954 to 1965.6 Bob Pettit

4. Charles Barkley. He has a reputation for being an unapologetic and reckless player. But those attribute always worked for him.6 Charles Barkley

3. Karl Malone. Nicknamed The Mailman, this Utah Jazz player always delivered.   6 Karl Malone

2. Elvin Hayes. He was a rookie in 1968, but the Big E quickly became a top scorer.6 Elvin Hayes

1. Tim Duncan. The Big Fundamental, as he is called. He proves that the basics never fail to work. He has been very good using fundamental strategies that he even looks boring at some point.6 timduncan

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