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Blackhawks loses in highly anticipated game 7

Game 7s are pinnacles of sporting events. The thrill and excitement is heightened during this defining moment. Reporters know that this game is where things that truly matter happen. 

The game 7 between Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings gave the fans everything they asked for, except for the prior winning.

Blackhawks lost to the Kings during the final game at 5-4. It was no surprise that the game reached to overtime with a good last shot, a bounce, and a shocked crowd.

Despite all the hard work, the morning skates and the overtimes, Blackhawks still loses to the visiting Kings in their own ice just like that.

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toewe has won two Stanley Cups and two gold medals. He has mastered the art in winning hockey. But last Sunday Night, he faced the media as he tried so hard to explain losing.

He said it is great to be part of a team that gives everything to win and getting the chance to win the Stanley Cup twice, which is why it is no fun to come up short, especially with the entire city of Chicago supporting them.

The Kings will set out to win their second Cup after the team won their third Game 7. On Wednesday, they will take on the New York Rangers in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the vacation of Chicago will begin June 2.

The Blackhawks had a reputation of being a team that always finds a way to win no matter what circumstances they face. Last season, they came back after a 3-1 deficit during their game against the Red Wings. They also came back after a 2-0 hole fighting ST. Louis during the first round in 2014. After the Kings 3-1 defeated them, they reached game 7.

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