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Brazil thrashed by Germany in semifinal

The much awaited match between Brazil and Germany has come and gone, but it has left many football fans stunned. In Brazil, there were high expectations with fireworks, loud pops and bangs beginning at dawn.

The streets were awash with men, women and children all dressed in yellow, setting off flares, beeping car horns and singing praises to their national team.

To many Brazilian fans the match was just a formality, they had their eyes trained for the World Cup final.

No one could have imagined that tears would start rolling even before halftime. No one could have imagined Brazilian fans who were watching the game to leave before the final whistle. No one could have imagined than national flags would be set ablaze in the streets.

Brazil was thrashed 7 to 1 at the end of the match. That doesn’t sound like World Cup scores. Brazilian fans could be seen grieving in the streets after this loss on Tuesday.

“It was the biggest embarrassment of all World Cups — 7-1 in a semifinal playing at home?” said Marcel Guimarães, a fan who traveled from Brasília to Belo Horizonte to watch the match. “Not even in a video game.” And Luiz Felipe Scolari, the Brazil coach said it was the worst day of his life.

Towards the end, the Germans were barely celebrating their goals, while Brazilians could only manage blank stares in their stands. They passed time by throwing obscene chants about each player and the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff.

Felipe’s sentients were shared by many fans who referred to the results as the soccer massacre of the highest order and the most surprising in the World Cup history.

It was Brazil’s first loss in a competitive home game since 1975 and surpassed the 6-0 defeat by Uruguay in 1920.

The aftermath of Brazil’s defeat turned ugly. Some fans burned Brazilian flags in the streets of Sao Paulo while others turned to robbery at a fan party in Rio je Janeiro.

Government officials and the organizers had been concerned about the possibility of riots which would become more intense if Brazil was to be eliminated.

There had been demonstrations in Brazil over the government expenditure on new stadiums and other World Cup related projects which consumed billions of dollars.

A win for Brazil could have quenched this anger but the defeat was like adding salt to the injury.

Lisa Rodrigues da Cunha, a fan who attended the match said the time of bread and circus is over and all they needed were schools and hospitals instead of stadiums.

Brazil played without Neymar, its top scorer. Neymar was injured during their match with Colombia. Thiago Silva, the top defender of the team was also missing due to suspension. But the question that lingers is whether their presence could have made any difference.

Brazil will now face the loser of the other semifinal to compete for the third place. The match will take place in Brasilia on Saturday.

Scolari said it would be an important game, but his facial expression betrayed his words; he was just full of regrets.

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