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How does Draftkings Daily Sports Fantasy Work?

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Last Updated: Dec 14, 2017

Draftkings is an entertaining site that entails a variety of games such as soccer, hockey, and basketball among others. In this site people lobby in to play fantasy sports for entertainment. To lobby into this website is free of charge and despite that people are able to win cash prizes from how they play and win.

Manufacture Information

The company was established in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in the year 2012 by Mathew Kalish, Jason Robbin(CEO) and Paul Liberman as one-on-one baseball competition to match with major league baseball opening day in 2012. The company first operated out of Liberman’s house. In the following year the major league baseball invested undisclosed amount in the company and year after year the company. In the same year they were able to announce their outside fund as $ 1.4 M from Ryan Moore and other investors. After a successful presentation by Jason Robbin as the CEO, MLB were able to put a big amount of cash for the company as an investment. By the end of 2012 Draftkings was the second largest company in fantasy sports. The company has been able to sign a multi- year deals with MLB, the deal allowed Draftkings to offer core-brands of MLB and also strengthen their relationship. They also signed a deal with NHL than allowed theused all the assets of NHL. Three -year advertising deal with ESPN that valued up to $250 M that included integration of service within ESPN television and digital content

How Does Draftkings Work?

Draftkings offer a variety of contest types to suit different users’ preferences.

Some contests are free while others charge a buy-in fee to enter the contest.

If the contest in guaranteed the contest payout will be the guaranteed prize even if the contest is not filled when it begins

If the contest is not guaranteed, the contest will be cancelled if it is not filled when it should begin the buy-in fee will be refunded

Ones you have decided which contest to like to enter, click on the draft team button and enter the contest team of your choice

In each contest, participants are assigned a fixed salary that they can use to draft their entire roster

The player pool consists of all the players to play on the day with their fixed salary.

Ones all the positions in the slot roster have been filled and the salary is less than or equals to the salary cap, then the participant is allowed to submit roster for the contest.

To make follow up of the teams that you contested for you click on “my contest” tab.

The “live contests” show the contests that you chose and are in progress. One is also able to view how the teams that they chose are stuck up against the competition.

On winning, if you placed on to a paid position you win the amount determined by the prize structure of the contest. The cash you win automatically gets credited into your account.

Draftkings Work

Benefits of the Draftkings Sports Fantasy

There are various unique advantages to playing fantasy

  • If you are attentive in the days leading up to a fight, you can easily learn each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unlike other sports, the chance of a surprise injury derailing your lineup is slim.
  • The full card plays out in one night, all on the same channel, so there’s no streaming one game on your smartphone while you watch another on TV.
  • Instead of cheering their favorite teams’ players are able to cheer for themselves to win money
  • Fans view players as an asset for first money
  • Fans can easily make money daily based on player performance
  • It promotes sports watching in the television since most people are able to win cash prizes.

Currently, is the obvious choice for fantasy MMA. In early 2015, the website announced its partnership with the UFC, which will allow fans to win exclusive prizes, including face time with UFC personalities and trips to UFC events.

Draftkings Sport Fantasy Drawbacks

College and pro sports leagues have time to time united against sports betting but have a differing idea whether the daily sports fantasy is gambling or a new business strategy.

Side Effects of Draftkings Sport Fantasy

Research show that involvement in sport leagues sharpens the predictive skills of the fans as they win rewards

Final Verdict

Daily sports fantasy is not only a source of entertainment but also an opportunity for the fans to make money daily or weekly band become rich. Draftkings daily sports fantasy is worldly recognized private company and is opened to all since it has free games and other affordable games to which one pay buy-in fee after which one can be able not only to entertain him or herself but also win cash prizes if they win their contests. The evidences show that Draftkings is a completely legitimate body since there is no instance that they have failed to award their winners in time.

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