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Last Updated: Oct 8, 2018

It is feared that six nations are planning for a boycott to the FIFA world cup 2018 tournament. This would mean that several football teams would not attend the event and thereby disappoint millions of football fans around the world. This world cup boycott follows after a nerve attack of the former Russian spy and double agent Sergei Skripal his daughter Yulia in Salisbury on March 4. Britain has accused Russia – FIFA World Cup 2018 host, of directly orchestrating the attack and in response to this, they have expelled 23 diplomats.

Australia is organizing a diplomatic action against Russia which is a part of a global movement that is designed to punish Moscow for this unlawful act. This is clearly seen after they announced to boycott FIFA world cup 2018 a popular event where more nation such as Poland, Iceland, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, and Japan, have vowed to stand in solidarity with Britain by boycotting this popular event.

This move has also attracted solidarity from 6 nations but more and more countries are expected to follow suit in boycotting FIFA world cup 2018. This communal snub began shortly after Theresa Mary announced that Prince Willian and all her government ministers will not play part in the competition. Andrzej Duba, Polich President was the first to stand alongside Mrs. May by saying that he will not attend the opening ceremony of the tournament in Moscow.

Sergei Skripal Attack Investigation

The anti-terror police officers are still investigating the attack. The CCTV camera captured the father and his daughter before the poising occurred. Police have since released a new image of the victim’s car as part of their investigation into the attack. There is fear that the Russian Spy together with his daughter were poisoned after a toxic substance ware smeared on the door handle of their BMW 320D saloon car.

Theresa May told Russia that the attack in Salisbury has backfired after Britain’s booted out 116 of its spies. In addition to this, Canada, America, Ukraine, Australia has joined the 20 Europeans states such as Spain, Germany, and France after the EU said that the Kremlin was responsible for the assassination attempt of the agent and his daughter.

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Ms. Bishop was talking about the expulsion of 2 spies as part if the coordinated global response to poisoning that occurred in the UK earlier this month.

What a Boycott Means

Boycotting FIFA world cup 2018, a popular event has great impact. The foreign Minister Boris Johnson advised Prince William not to attend the World Cup before the decision is made. They accused Putin of abusing the World Cup for his own personal glorification.

There are fears that this total boycott would lead to many teams not participating in the competition that would disappoint millions of fans around the world. However, the 32 national teams that are part of the FIFA world cup 2018 tournament will still attend in order to avoid this disappointment.

The former FIFA boss Sepp Blatter showed anger while insisting that any boycott would be very wrong claiming that football has about 2 Billion followers and that the game should be played in peace for peace.

There is speculation that Socceroos will not be part of this big event which the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has hosed down. In response to this, Ms. Bishop appeared to leave the door open saying that there are many options of further actions that could be taken and the FIFA world cup 2018 was one of these further actions she referred to.

Socceroos were attending the tournament after they went through 22 matches in their qualifying process. Skipping the tournament would mean a wasted effort but Julie Bishop dismissed these speculations saying that the boycott of the Russia FIFA cup was wrong.

There unlikely to be an official presence in the stands when Socceroos starts their campaign against France on June 16. The Australian government joins the UK in the boycott of this event and this would mean that there will be no political leader who will travel to Russia.

FIFA is currently investigating the Football Federation Australia over their governance structures and they would punish and expel Australia if the Socceroos will not attend the FIFA world cup 2018 tournaments. This increases the chances of the Socceroos attending the event in Russia.

How Things Stands Right Now

  • According to FFA spokesman, the FFA respects the Australia government’s right to make diplomatic decisions and international relations. However, he said that as things stand, all the qualifying teams will be part of FIFA world cup 2018 event including the England team.
  • Though Australia has had a long-running sanction set against Russia, this did not prevent the Socceroos from attending the Confederations Cup that was held last year. Socceroos booked their place in the global showpiece last November after a process that involved matches in 12 nations with a playoff defeat of Honduras.
  • Theresa May, the British Prime Minister has announced that no royal family members or the ministers will attend any FIFA world cup 2018 official event including the opening ceremony.
  • Iceland has also announced the same. It is will be the first time Iceland is competing at the global event after it’s qualification to the FIFA world cup 2018 match schedule.
  • At least six nations have announced the boycott to show support and solidarity with Britain including Australia. Iceland, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, and Poland are the nations that have already made their stand in attending FIFA world cup 2018 tournaments.
  • The Polish president Andrzej Duba revealed that he had declined the invitation to attend the tournament’s opening ceremony that will be held in Russia 2018 stadiums, Moscow on June 14, 2018.

There are 32 teams that will be competing in this tournament. All are expected to attend though there are fears that if these nations call for total boycott, they won’t attend which will punish millions of football fans around the world who are eagerly waiting for this tournament.

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