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A-Z List of the 2014 World Cup Best Moments

There are plenty of memorable 2014 World Cup moments and they can be summed in the English Alphabet.

A – Algeria for the first time got in the knockout stage after defeating Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast. They got defeated by Germany in the extra time.

B – Bite, is what Uruguay’s Luis Suarez did to Italian Giorgio Chiellini.


C – Costa Rica went to the World Cup with two of their best players missing and was in a group that consists of three former champions.

D – Dancing was everywhere and it was the Colombians who showed some amazing samba moves.

E – England seems to be left behind after being defeated by Italy and Uruguay.

F – Fans are sensational coming from all parts of the world to see the holy game.


G – Goals in this World Cup reached 136, which is six more compared to 2002.

H – Howard, the US goalkeeper showed the world one of the best individual performances in the World Cup.


I – Injuries are common in this tournament, but it was Neymar’s injury that devastated the host country.

J – Jesus spread his arms over Rio de Janeiro, or at least a 36 meter tall statue of Him.


K – Klose, Miroslav is the all-time leading scorer for this World Cup.

L – Luiz, David of Brazil may have shown the worst performances ever as they got defeated by Germany 1-7.


M – Mate, the tea-like-drink, is the best rehydration friend against the heat in Brazil.

N – Neymar carried the hopes of every Brazilian in his back, but those hopes were broken along with his back.


O – Organization was a great issue during the preparation of the tournament, but the fears fortunately didn’t happen.

P – People. The people of Brazil were an amazing host.

Q – Queiroz, the Iranian coach resigned after the tournament.

R – Rain could be a problem or a boon for the tournament.


S – Spain is the defending champion, but they were clobbered by Netherlands 1-5 early in the tournament.

T – Tears always fall after a defeat, but a river of tears flowed after Germany defeated Brazil.


U – USA, even if they are not known to be big fans of football, which they call “soccer,” had a record breaking TV audience as its citizens supported their 2014 World Cup team.

V – Vanishing spray was an amazing innovation.


W – Water was important to hydrate the players under the heat of the Brazilian weather.

X – Xherdan Shaqiri of Switzerland is also known as the Alpine Messi for his skills.


Y – Yellow and Green, the colors that make up the Brazil flag.

Z – Zamorano, the Chilean Legend had lively language exchange as a Brazil TV pundit when Mauricio Pinilla hit that crossbar.

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