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Arsenal eyes Mario Balotelli, rules out Cesc Fabregas

Arsenal includes former ManchesterCity striker Mario Balotelli as part of their summer targets but will not be re-signing Cesc  Fabregas.

AC Milan could possibly sell Balotelli this summer, and Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger is a huge admirer of the young footballer.

Wenger commended Balotelli back in 2009 saying he is keeping an eye out for the player and that he likes the striker very much. He could be one of the best, he said.

Ideally, Wenger would be signing two forwards with a list of potential players in his mind, including Alvaro Morata and Karim Benzema from Real Madrid, as well as Loïc Rémy of the Queens Park Rangers.

Arsenal is confident that it can get Rémy and it has also negotiated about Morata, however Real Madrid wants to have a buy-back option on the striker, who is still 21 years old.

The 23-year-old Balotelli is one of the main choices of Arsenal, but the team and Wenger has not yet announced if they will take on the striker’s off-field baggage.

Back in January 2013, Balotelli got signed to AC Milan for £24 million after some unfortunate events stopped his City career. But the Italian club now is capitalizing on him to raise money.

Arsenal did not use buy-back option on Fabregas

Meanwhile, Manchester City could replace the unhappy Yaya Toure with Fabregas since Arsenal decided not to use its buy-back option.

Barcelona has announced that it is letting Fabregas go for £30 million, but Arsenal didn’t show any interest to the tip.

Fabregas is somehow disappointed that the team didn’t show interest, but is hoping that he can still return to England.

It would not be easy for Wenger to accommodate Fabregas since he has signed Mezut Özil last summer for a club record fee of £42 million. 

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