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Bosque unhappy about conversation leak over Fabregas leaving

Spain Coach Vicente del Bosque told members of the media that he is unhappy that his private conversation with Gerard Pique about Fabregas leaving the team has went public.

The 63-year-old said he thinks it is not fair that the conversation leaked. It shouldn’t have gone public, he said.

There are rumors about the midfielder going back to England in one of these upcoming months. It is believed that Chelsea and Premier League champions Manchester City is eyeing to sign the player.

Pique, who is one of Fabregas’ companions, seem to confirm the midfielder’s move to leave Barcelona this summer during a recent Spain International squad press conference.

In what seems to be an off the record conversation between the defender and del Bosque, Pique said, they have to defend Cesc, that the deal is done for 33 million euros and Fabregas is indeed leaving.

However, the conversation was recorded on the microphone despite Pique covering his mouth. Now, he is very unhappy that the conversation was still published.

Before he joined Arsenal in his teenage years, Fabregas came from the Camp Nou youth ranks. It was in 2011 that he rejoined Barca. However, he did not become the fans’ favorite when he was still in Camp Nou.

Del Bosque never failed to complement how Fabregas performed during the matches for the upcoming World Cup. However, the coach never disclosed any information about the future moves of the midfielder.

He is a player of Spain and he is not in the position to interpret the decision of the club on Fabregas, said del Bosque. But he is training really well and he is very useful in the field.

On June 13, Spain will be up against the Netherlands for the opening game in the World Cup.

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