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Brazil shows signs of unpreparedness to host World Cup

Sao Paulo Brazil is $3.6 billion busy for the FIFA World CUP 2014 but the football governing body expresses dissatisfaction.

Arena Corinthian, the world stage for the most awaited sports event this 2014, lacks the required seating as specified by FIFA.

As a result, FIFA demands for another test game before the big event.

Last Sunday’s game between Corinthians and Figueirense prompted FIFA’s decision for another test game because only 40,000 spectators were accommodated in the seats. FIFA required 68,000 seating.

The second test game will be on May 29 between Cruzeiro and Corinthians. But it will be held at a much smaller venue in Sao Paulo. This is according to Brazil’s Soccer National Confederation.

The other noticeable problems that arose during the test game on the said arena were the unfinished roofs that forced fans to run away from the heavy rain and the bad Internet access as complained by journalists present during the match. The same journalists also reported the roof construction wouldn’t even be finished even after the World Cup.

These shortcomings only highlight the nation’s unpreparedness for the upcoming World Cup. FIFA Secretary Jerome Valcke expressed his frustrations once again and said a test game scale, needs and global attention is not even close to the actual World Cup that’s going to take place this coming June 12. The secretary asked 100% guarantee from everybody so that the necessary structures are all in place during the big day.

Other world Cup stadiums in Brazil have also shown problems. In a city known to have ardent football fans that often result to violence, a fan ran into the field in the middle of the match between Atletico Mineiro and Santos in Cuiaba pointing out that the security is loose. The same stadium also reports of just finishing its 48,000 seat installations.

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