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Brazil Tops Group A, But How Long Will they Stay?

Brazil recently defeated Cameroon 4-1 at full effect bringing the host team to the top of Group A in one of the most gripping World Cups ever.

But the question is, will the team win the championship title, which they claim is their birthright?

Fans, players and even the staff declared that they will win, and in a manner that would far exceed expectations, unlike their predecessors in the 1950s World Cup, which was also held in their homeland.

However, their not-so-impressive win against Croatia 3-1 and a draw against Mexico 0-0 made the media, the fans and the team concerned about how they would fare against formidable opponents like Argentina and Germany during the knockout stage of the tournament.

Brazil’s forward Neymar de Silva Santos Junior said he is not pressured, because there is no pressure in pursuing a dream he has sought since he was still a child. He said he is now playing in games that he has been dreaming about for a long time. He said he wants to help his team not just through the scoreboard, but through whatever it takes for them to win. The team is getting closer to their target, he said.

The team’s spirit was definitely lifted high as fans greeted them with jubilant cheers, despite not having their own national chant, at the Estadio Nacional during the kick-off. Their spirit was lifted farther when Neymar scored the 100th goal of the 2014 World Cup. It was the 22-year-old player who ran the show during the team’s 100th game at the World Cup finals.

Now, Brazil’s defense seem to be in trouble, but the team’s manager Luiz Felipe Scolari said he does not have any fears about the team’s defensive, because even great players can face challenges in the field.

The team needs to find their balance to fulfil the self-proclaimed prophecy of winning the World Cup. The fans can witness if the team has found their balance in their match against Chile this Saturday.

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