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Cristiano Ronaldo Aims To Break All Records

The former Manchester United Football Superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, will be back to training at the Valdebebas complex for the Real Madrid now that summer is over.

He has told members of the media that he plans to break his records for the following nine months.

Amazing Record

Last season in the Champions League, he scored 17 goals, three points more compared to Lionel Messi’s record. Ronaldo has an incredible 51 overall from the 47 games.9 1

Ronaldo said he had a fantastic year. His team won the Champions League, the La Décima.  This year, they aim to win the Champions again, in the La Liga. Ronaldo will also be defending the Ballon d’Or on December.

This is an amazing record for Ronaldo, but Messi still has the upper hand reaching a World Cup final.

Physical Attributes

If he wants to break his own records, Ronaldo must have a very strong work ethic. And according to the football superstar, he takes his inspiration from the fitness legend Arnold Schwarzenegger.9 2

One of biggest challenges is his knee problem, which lead to Real Madrid’s 4-2 defeat against Real Sociedad during the San Sebastian match just last Saturday.

Back to Manchester

During interviews with the media, he expresses his interests to return to Manchester United. He said Manchester is in his heart.cristiano-ronaldo-united

He is 29 years old and he is still very much capable of setting greater landmarks in the game.

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