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German coach Joachim Low puts pressure on FIFA referees before semi-finals

After the brawl of Brazil vs Columbia, Germany’s coach Joachim Low has attacked the referee Marco Rodriguez for lacklustre rule over the game, allowing 54 fouls to go through without proper action.

Low claims in Europe those decisions would have awarded the player a yellow or red card, but Rodriguez let them off with warnings. Both teams had a messy quarter-final, with Columbia and Brazil suffering from injuries in the game.

This is not the first time FIFA referee Marco Rodriquez has been brought up in the World Cup, missing out on the infamous bite incident that occurred in the Uruguay vs Italy match, between Luis Suarez and Giorgio Chiellini.


Joachim Low believes due to the Germans style of play and the European standards when referring, his team might be at a disadvantage, on top of the Brazilian home supporters who will come out in the millions to support their team.

It is a problem for Germany, who normally play a clean and consistent game, when Brazil appear to be one of the most aggressive and “dirty” teams in the World Cup, with the most fouls out of any team in the semi-finals.

FIFA has denied that they are going soft on tackles and denied rumors that they are helping Brazil. There has always been criticism of the home team getting the advantage when it comes to fouls, but nothing has ever been leaked showing official proof that this happens.

Germany and Brazil will face off in the Estádio Mineirão stadium tonight at 21:00 (GMT); 17:00 (EST). This is considered the match-up between the two strongest teams in the World Cup, although some would claim Holland have become a stronger team.

The World Cup 2014 has had a lot of upsets, including England and Spain not getting out of group stages. The finals will be held in three days.

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