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German midfielder Mario Gotze hailed “miracle boy” by coach

Germany’s coach Joachim Low has praised Mario Gotze, the midfielder who scored the crucial goal against Argentina in the final of the World Cup, as the “miracle boy”, who can come on and change the outcome of a match.

Mario Gotze, aged 22, came on as a 88th-minute substitute for Miroslav Klose, the striker for Germany. The youngster, who recently made a $54 million move from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich last year, has been noted as a playmaker and someone who can be reliable in the best situations.

Gotze scored in the second half of extra-time with only seven minutes remaining. Most of the game consisted of the two teams trying to feel one another out, Argentina had some big chances, but the consistency of the German squad was enough to keep the dream alive.

Before sending him on, Joachim Low told Gotze to show the world he was better than Lionel Messi, the Argentinian forward, who received the best player in the World Cup award, despite failing to secure the win for the team.

Messi has been the most influential player in football at the moment, while he did not show all of his skill against the German side, part of this was because of the German defense and how much they focused Messi in the game.

Germany have been on the road to glory for a while now, according to coach Low, who claims this is all part of the ten-year plan. Ever since 2004, Germany have looked stronger, narrowly losing out in semi-finals and finals to Spain and Italy.

This time, they have finally won the prize. Many believe Germany are well deserved winners, given their amazing track record and drive to win the World Cup, unlike some other teams like Spain and England, who appear to have come to Brazil half-hearted.

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