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German World Cup team built on humility and strong work ethic

There has been many flops at the Brazil World Cup, Spain and England being kicked out of the group stages was pretty hard for the millions of fans back home, and the thousands who got on a plane to South America, just to see their team get trashed by some average Joes in the group.

Germany has played stellar throughout the tournament, after stepping out of group stages without a sweat on the brow, they went on to beat one of the best teams in the World Cup, France, and then slaughter Brazil seven goals to one in the semi-finals.

Joachim Low, the manager of Germany, has installed one of the most reputable squads in the world. Instead of a bunch of egos in one basket, Low has created a humble, loyal and proud team, giving up their records to play together as one coherent unit.

The team does have some of the most well known players in the world, but Low has made sure egos do not get in the way of great play, swapping out big names for youngsters and making sure everyone has an equal chance.

Germany does not just work well as a unit, their standard of play outclasses everyone they have come up against, with a strong back-line and excellent aggressive play, not letting the opposition get a chance.

For teams like Spain and England, who arguably have two of the best teams in the world, learning this sense of humility could be crucial. The national pride at home might be high, but once the teams got to Brazil, it felt like they were playing a friendly.

The final of the World Cup, Germany vs Argentina, will be two very close teams who both work together. Messi is the star player to watch, but Germany appears to be stronger as a unit, and might be able to shut down Messi.

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