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Germany, Netherlands, Argentina: Who Will Win World Cup Championship?

Now that Germany has crushed Brazil in a catastrophic 7-1 defeat and Netherlands and Argentina will face each other Wednesday in a battle that will surely be bloody, which among the three remaining teams will win the World Cup championship?


Germany shattered Brazil’s dream of becoming champions in the first 18 minutes of the match. Without Neymar and Thiago Silva, Brazil’s fate was already gloomy against Germany.

Germany has players who have been hardened by the countless matches they have been through. They also have several players from the Bayern Munich, which is a very successful team in the Champions League. Besides the sheer talent and skill of Thomas Muller, they also have goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, who is an artist in keeping opponents from scoring.

Their win against Brazil is proof enough they can win the tournament. But their not very impressive win against France can also mean they may easily be beaten by Netherlands or Argentina.


Argentina can win because they have Lionel Messi. When Messi doesn’t deliver, other stars from the team rise to the challenge. This means their entire team has something to offer, which could mean a big threat for Netherlands or Germany. The other team mates who showed the world that Messi is not the only star in Argentina are Angel Di Maria and Gonzalo Higuain. Argentina also has Ezequiel Garay, Javier mascherano, and Pablo Zabaleta, who are also forces to reckon with.

Argentina and Netherlands have met four times in past World Cups. Argentina only won once, while Netherlands won twice, the other match was a draw. If you base this game in this standing, the future may look dark for Argentina.


The 5-1 victory over Spain is proof enough that they can win the championship. However, they weren’t able to deliver a performance as spectacular as what they did with Spain again in the tournament. You will just have to see if Arjen Robben can lead the team to victory against Argentina on Wednesday, and defeat Germany in the championship.

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