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Germany Wins 2014 World Cup

2014-07-13T221840Z_1861155239_TB3EA7D1Q2OMY_RTRMADP_3_SOCCER-WORLDCUP-M64-GER-ARGIn the 113th minute of the game, Germany’s Andre Schurle gave an assist pass to Mario Goetze who ultimately made the goal right pass Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero.

After 90 minutes in the Germany vs. Argentina game in the 2014 World Cup final at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, the score was still tied 0-0, which lead to another 30 minutes extra time. It was Goetze’s goal that made Germany win against Argentina 1-0 for the 2014 World Cup championship.

This is Germany’s fourth World Cup, but their win this year makes them the first European team to raise the much-coveted trophy in South American soil. It was a hard earned win as both teams had strong resolve when it comes to defending their goals.

It was at Italy in 1990 that Germany last won the World Cup, and it was in the expense of Argentina too.

Both Goetze and Schurrle were substitutes, but they pulled off the historical goal that left Argentina fans heartbroken while the Germans along with Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was in the stadium, were ecstatic.

Schurrle made it through the inroads to the left hand side near the Argentina post, and then he kicked a cross to Goetze, who was close to the goal. Goetze controlled the ball with his chest, and then with his left foot, he hit the back of the net straight through Romero, who was the hero in the Argentina vs. Netherlands semi-finals game.

Messi-3But it was German Bastian Schweinsteiger who has shown the strongest eagerness to win the trophy as he played with his face bleeding after a rough encounter with an Argentine player in the extra time.

As Germany celebrated their victory, the pain of the defeat was obvious in Lionel Messi’s eyes as his dreams of being part of the pantheon of the best like Pele and Diego Maradona were shattered.

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