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Racial abuse angers AC Milan’s Kevin Constant, Nigel de Jong

AC Milan midfielder Nigel de Jong and defender Kevin Constant were furious at the racist acts of fans in a Serie A game against Atalanta Italy last Sunday in northern Italy.

Racial abuse against some of the best black football players in Europe’s major leagues lingers in the fields and the latest incident was in last Sunday’s game when fans threw bananas at the black players.

The Italian Football Federation FIGC opened an investigation on the banana-throwing incident.

The banana throwing incident last Sunday happened just a couple of weeks after Barcelona’s Dani Alves ate the banana that was thrown at him by football fans in a top league in Villarreal, Spain.

The Brazilian’s act caught the world’s attention and was commended by anti-racism organizations. It also gained international support in the social media. Villareal banned the fan who threw the banana for life.

Just a week after the racist incident against Alves, Levante’s Papakouli “Pape” Diop from Senegal, claimed that Atletico Madrid supporters made monkey chants as a sign of racial abuse against him. Diop simply danced as a response to the racial abuse.

Besides the Serie A game last Sunday, Constant, AC Milan’s French-born Guinean player, was also racially abused last July in a preseason match against Sassuolo.

Constant was enraged by the racist chants of the fans in that game provoking him to smash the ball to the stands and then walked off.

Another racial abuse in Europe’s top football leagues was against Constant’s teammate Kevin Prince Boateng who in January 2013 walked off the field after he was racially abused in a match against Pro Patria. Six of the abusers were sentenced to two months imprisonment.

FIGC has been criticized of not taking the right action against racial abuse. One of its main critics is the FIFA, which is now establishing stronger punishment against racial abuse in the league.

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